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Custom Writing Service Affiliate Program

According to statistics, our custom writing service occupies leading positions among custom writing agencies on the market. We definitely belong to the most trustworthy and reliable companies that provide exemplary writing help to students of different academic levels. has earned the reputation from the clients around the globe. So, to express our gratitude and value to our clients, we have come up with an idea to provide an essay writing affiliate program. As such, our loyal customers can not merely place custom orders with us but also take part in the affiliate program and earn money for future orders. From our perspective, this is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate our value to clients who have been staying long with us. Moreover, with our essay writing affiliate program, you will be able to become more financially stable and get some profits from cooperating with us.

To participate in our affiliate program, you do not merely have to be our loyal customer and place orders from time to time - you need to actively spread information about our company among the potentially interested clients. In other words, your mission will lie in popularizing our company among other people (those potentially interested in custom writing services).

Affiliate program

Each time that person uses the number, the referring customer will receive a 10% commission from every order that the referee places.

Benefits You Get from Our Essay Writing Affiliate Program

  • You get a 10% bonus for each paper purchased from our company by people who you have attracted to become our customers.
  • First-time customers who have come to order from us upon your recommendation get an appealing discount equaling 17% for their first order.
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Get 15% OFF your FIRST ORDER + 10% OFF every order by receiving 300 words/page instead of 275 words/page

How Our Affiliate Program Works

  1. Log into your private cabinet on our company's website via your credentials. Once you have entered the cabinet, click on the tab entitled "Affiliate Program."
  2. Look through the web page and pay closer attention to the link attached and promo code. Copy this information.
  3. Once you have copied the link and the special code, paste this data into the email field and forward this information to your friends, relatives, groupmates, or just acquaintances who might be interested in getting custom writing services.
  4. Each person clicking the links and being forwarded to our company's website will be automatically added to the potential clientele base.
  5. Once this person places an order on the website, the first-time order discount will be applied in an automatic mode.

What to do to take advantage of our AFFILIATE PROGRAM?
  1. Open the "Affiliate Program" section in your account;

  2. Find out a unique code that will be shared with all your friends and acquaintances. You may send it as a referral link to all people you want to invite to our cooperation.

  3. Familiarize these people with the link, as well as the privileges of cooperation with our writing platform;

  4. Every unique promotional code allows the first-time customer to get a generous discount;

  5. To start our cooperation, the personal needs to insert the link to the order form or just click on it and the system will apply a discount automatically;

  6. All procedures are automatic in order to make the process of our cooperation maximally easy for the inexperienced customer.

Advantages You Can Get from Our Affiliate Program

The underlying aim of the affiliate program is to grant bonuses for the person actively participating in it. As such, if you take part in our program and popularize our company among other people, you can get discounts and bonuses for your own custom orders. As such, you can collect the bonuses and later use them when paying for your order or you can withdraw them. Sometimes, you can pay partially (half the sum with money and the other half with bonuses).

If you feel that you need to be more frugal and you are afraid of living on a shoestring, do not hesitate and take part in our company's affiliate program. You will get an excellent opportunity to enjoy high-quality custom-written papers as well as collect bonuses.

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