It is not an easy task to write a decent analysis essay, but in fact, it is possible to do this if you will follow some recommendations. In order to study the correct essay structure, consider an example of writing an analysis essay of the "1984" George Orwell book. There are always many allegorical moments in works of fiction literature that are very interesting to analyze.

Proper Analysis Essay Example

  1. Choose a topic for analysis. Do not try to put all the information about the book in your essay. This is quite incorrect. In this case, you cannot do the analysis but will talk about everything very general. If you still decide to explore many topics at once, you will not fit within the volume of the word count for the essay. Therefore, it is better to disclose one or a few topics well while writing a college essay. Choose non-trivial topics that had been little explored before.
  2. Consider an interesting character. Of course, speaking of George Orwell's "1984" book, the name of the main character, Winston, comes first. Nevertheless, the main characters are given a lot of attention. It is also important to consider such an influential character as O'Brien. The information of who the characters are, of course, will be not enough. It is necessary to analyze their role in the book from different sides.

O'Brien as a Symbol of a Father

O'Brien is an antagonist of "1984". The protagonist considers O'Brien as a reliable person and follows him. He plays a significant role in the party and has the strong influence. Winston thinks that O'Brien is a part of the resistance. There is friendship between the characters and, to be precise, that is actually mentoring. The antagonist does not cease to be the symbol of a father even after his true intentions are revealed. He makes Winston suffer, but he does it for a good reason, as he thinks O'Brien wants to save Winston from bad thoughts and helps him receive an honorary place in society. This is a proof that O'Brien is a father figure.

O'Brien and His Role in the Party

Analyze the place of the main character in the party. It is mentioned that this person had also been a rebel before, as Winston was, but then he realized that he needed to be submissive in order to get the sympathy of the party. Think about whether he is really so cruel and whether the ideology of the party is so important for him, or he is still trying to avoid the persecution and harassment that the protagonist experienced. Perhaps, many readers will discover O'Brien from the other side, if you get to learn this topic. It is very important to consider all aspects of the character in the analysis essay, both good and bad and be detached from this, not giving too categorical critical evaluation of any quality. You can select these topics for your essay - "1984" is an ideal choice for analysis, as well as all other examples of the dystopian genre.

Work On The Outline

Analysis essay writing process includes working on the outline which is a very important part of essay writing because it's like a map of your paper. The better the map, the easier it will be for you to work on your essay. Not only it helps you to always remember where you're going, but it also shows you the necessary checkpoints that you have to make on the way. The outline gives you an opportunity to write faster and produce better and clearer essays. The outline doesn't have to be very detailed - it would be enough to include your argument and the key pieces of evidence that you want to include to back it up. See the example of the outline for the college essay on "1984" below:

  • Introductory part and hook
  • Thesis statement: the Party was able to control masses by controlling language
  • Speech monitoring
  • Rebellion related to ban on words
  • Deficiency of ways to spread ideas and argue against the Party
  • Truth vs Propaganda and rewriting history
  • People unable to trust their memories and should rely on what the Party says
  • Concluding paragraph

The more time you spend on developing the outline now, the less you will have to worry about the details while writing.

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Come Up With A Great Thesis Statement

For me, starting to write an essay is the hardest part of the process but once I do this, I go like a ram! My advice is to come up with a great thesis statement and force yourself to sit and write the first paragraph. If you have a cool thesis statement you will get inspired and motivated which will make you finish the work quickly. When choosing a thesis statement - take a firm position and explain what you will include in the body of the paper. This way your readers will know what you are going to write about and you will engage them for the rest of the essay. A thesis statement that I have selected was mentioned in the outline above. When your thesis statement is ready, continue following the plan that you have created in your outline. Expand your ideas to sentences and paragraphs using examples and quotes from the book. Just don't forget about the essay structure while expanding your outline.


Orwell's "1984" is such a thoughtful book that you can write about tons of things. In case you need additional inspiration, I will provide you with more "1984" examples of analysis essay:

  • Role of Hate in "1984"
  • The Themes Manipulation of People's Thoughts and Monopoly on Power in George Orwell's "1984"
  • Winston Smith Character in "1984"

Once your essay is done be sure to see if it's free from grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Now when you know how it's done, it's about time to get down to writing!

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