Many students these days travel a year as soon as their graduation has come. They don't try to find a job right away. As a matter of fact, this period of time we call a gap year. During this year one can visit a lot of different interesting as well as exotic countries of the world. The choice is really great: Australia, Norway, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Thailand, India, Canada, etc. Frankly speaking, the length of your travel can vary. Some students prefer spending abroad a few months, while others - a year or even more. What is actually a gap year after college? In fact, this might be called a really intensive trip that delivers you from one life stage to another, that is absolutely different from the previous one. You should decide on your own what fits you in the best way. Maybe you would like to volunteer, work abroad, find lots of new friends, gain new experience, improve your CV, get closer to cultures of other countries, and so on.

How can you spend your gap year after graduating from college?

Try backpacking through the beautiful Himalayas, volunteering in Belize, make an attempt to teach English in China where it is learned as a second language, offer your help to deer in need that lives in Finland, etc. It doesn't matter which destination you will choose, the point is that it should be interesting for you to take part in. As soon as you opt for it, a big number of opportunities will be proposed to you.

In order to understand what is a gap year after college in a better way, let's elaborate on one particular opportunity and speak about it in details. Personally, I have chosen India because I had dreamt to visit this country one day. To tell you the truth, after I had finished reading a book written by Katherine J. Boo "Behind the Beautiful Forevers: Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity," I made up my mind to get to know more information regarding programs that allow students to travel to India. My main desire was seeing the country inside out and, as a result, sharing necessary knowledge with you concerning gap years. So, we'll talk about this on a particular example.

A gap year semester in India is a special program that lasts 1-3 months, with the aim of exploring an extraordinary culture with unique religions, lifestyles, customs, unusual traditions and holidays, fascinating adventures, and lots of other attractions. The country is a popular tourist destination visited by various and sundry people from various parts of the world. The program costs from $5 000 to $10 000, depending on how much time you want to spend there.

To make a significant conclusion, organizing a trip abroad will bring considerable advantages to your life. In addition, you can get inspired and really motivated there.