Our organization is the New Jersey Small-Scale Business Project. Its mission is to empower small-scale businessmen in Arequipa, Yura and Lluta in Peru with the knowledge that will enable them to increase the output of their businesses.

The project is about consultancy. The purpose is to enable small-scale business people in and around the capital city of Peru to be able to find sources of capital for starting and expanding their businesses for the overall growth of the region. The target population is the small-scale business people in and around Arequipa, Yura and Lluta in Peru, plus any advice-seeking large-scale or prospective business people in these areas.

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The reason why this organization exists is to improve the business capacity of a place with potential. Today, having examined the business community in Peru, we are convinced that it has tremendous potential. According to Parnell, about 40% of small-scale businesses that start in Peru collapse within a year. This demonstrates that the Peruvians are zealous about doing business, but they appear to lack the strategies to sustain these businesses. That is why we got interested in Peru, and we believe that with the expertise we have, we can turn the situation around.

The project is important because it will enable the economy of the entire region of influence to get a boost from the booming business. It provides open clinics, consultancy services and advice on seeking and procurement of capital. The organization has links with the best business consultants. With its wealth of experts, we are confident that the results will be positive as projected. The project is projected to run its entire course at a funding of around $500,000. We hope this funder will provide at least $300,000 in two phases.

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We are enthusiastic that the project will be a success since we have run similar successful ventures in Cleveland over the past several decades. The project will be very ambitious, hoping to achieve very high goals and we know that if we are provided with adequate funding, we will be able to achieve the goals, which include increasing the number of Small-scale business around Arequipa by 75%, increasing the number of successful start-up businessmen by 75% and developing a culture where businessmen seek professional advice before plunging headlong into ventures.

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