Everything began with water. It is the most vital element of the world in general and of the human body in specific. Unfortunately, even though it is considered to be a recovering resource, the pace it is being consumed is much higher than the speed it is being regenerated. In order to prevent a possible future disaster, the most influential governments are now working towards improving the situation with pure water. The first serious steps in the USA were taken by the government of Barack Obama, who implemented several Rules of the Waters to oversee little water areas, which give life to the big ones.


However, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is soon planning to add some specific remarks to the Rule of the Waters in the United States to provide the society with even more pure water for a few next decades. The new president of America Donald Trump decided to change the law's definition, as it restricted some aspects of modern commerce. It is worth mentioning that Obama's law was not really legal as it had not been enforced in a court. Therefore, Trump decided to do his best to provide the citizens with pure Waters of the United States rule as well as give some aid to the business part.

The EPA Administrator Mr. Pruitt, the advocate of Trump's addition to the law, confirms that redefining American waters will not only be the handful for farmers and business owners, but it will also have a decent regulatory function in creating a clear and complete legal water system in the United States.

On the other hand, there are opponents of a new amendment as well. The head of American Farm Bureau Federation Mr. Duvall states that it only looks like the government is trying to improve drinking water standards in the country. In reality, what Trump's administration is doing is taking control over small and middle business areas. Mr. Duvall confirms that it is a really dangerous rule and it can have disastrous consequences for the entire system.

The senior vice president of Environment Technology in Chamber is sure that the new Water of the United States Rule will be blocked in several courts all around the country as it is a vivid manipulation of the main working force of nowadays society.

Moreover, as stated by the Executive Director of Environmental Law and Policy Mr. Learner, this implementation does not care about water areas. In reality, it will only deteriorate the situation. Mr. Learner adds that such process will accumulate poisonous materials in the waters, thus harming the environment and nearby cities and villages.

Mrs. Rhea Suh, Natural Resources Defense Council president, only confirm Learner's assumptions about the pollution by saying that it will make almost impossible to protect the springs that are the inception of all water beginnings. Clean water is too valuable for life, so under no circumstances should this amendment be implemented. Money should not cause such huge problems for the life of so many people.