The definition of a problem solution essay specifies that it is supposed to contain identification of a particular problem with a corresponding solution or plan of how to deal with the presented problem. It is similar to other kinds of essays in a challenge to select an appropriate topic. Thus, the students frequently find it hard to come up with a topic when the instructor expects them to decide on it independently. In most cases, the students are recommended to choose a topic that they are well aware of or the one they are keen on. Furthermore, it is also advisable to choose a topic with practical or viable solutions. The grade mostly depends on the appropriateness of the topic; consequently, it is not right to take a random topic instead of taking some time to consider the options and select the most effective and favorable one.


The Best Topics for a Problem Solution Essay in 2018


  1. Discuss the effects of the government surveillance on the human rights of the citizens. What are the methods of solving the problem?
  2. What are the ways the government can use for the protection of endangered species?
  3. How can the private business and the government reduce the effects of the environmental pollution?
  4. What are the ways of mitigating or eliminating racism in the society?
  5. Family abuse is one of the burning problems of nowadays. How can the school help those children who suffer from abuse in the families?
  6. How can the number of college education applicants be increased?
  7. How can the high school, college and university students cope with the habit to procrastinate or postpone all important things?
  8. How can the problems of lung cancer be prevented?
  9. Discuss the actions the government can take to address the issues of unemployment among young people.
  10. How can average people facilitate air pollution reduction?
  11. The ecological collapse is near. How can people prevent the catastrophe?
  12. Can the consequences of natural disasters be diminished? Which way?
  13. Discuss how it is possible to prevent domestic violence or reduce the number of such cases.
  14. Suggest the methods of addressing the problem of the universal approach to getting the education with the principle "one size fits all".
  15. How can the employers motivate their hired workers?
  16. Suggest possible ways to resolve problems in communication taken by the managers of organizations.
  17. How can the teachers encourage the development of creativity and critical thinking in the students?
  18. Discuss the students' approaches to maintaining the balance between the social activity and study.
  19. What are the solutions that the companies can use to cope with the Internet spam and undesirable data mining?
  20. What are possible approaches of the employees to eliminating discrimination in the companies?
  21. What can be done to encourage the families to decrease the frequency rate of the family breakdowns?
  22. How should the schools react to the intake of alcohol and smoking of their teenage students?
  23. How should the public office corruption be addressed? Which legal procedures are required?
  24. Suggest the solutions the government can approve to ensure the reduction of high cost of living.
  25. What are the required actions to solve the problem of poor treatment of students with special needs and the issues of segregation laws?
  26. Which measures should be taken by school authorities to solve the problem of cheating at exams?
  27. How should the authorities eliminate using animals for scientific research?
  28. Discuss how the teachers can facilitate reduction or elimination of the problem of early pregnancy among the students.
  29. Suggest the laws to be adopted for eliminating the problem of texting while driving.
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Topics Related to Relationships

  1. Poor communication between the husbands and wives.
  2. How can one help a depressed person?
  3. How it is better to treat manipulative people?
  4. What can be done to assist a friend who frequently makes mistakes and opts for poor lifestyle choices?
  5. What is the best way to stop a bad relationship?
  6. Which way is it possible to leave the "friend zone"?
  7. How can a woman let a man know that she likes him? Is it appropriate for a woman to ask a man out?
  8. What is the effect of texting on the quality of face-to-face relationships?
  9. How is it possible to remind people about the value of genuine relationships as opposed to mere chatting?
  10. What is the solution for the problem of addressing the racism issues? Can stereotypes be fought with? What are possible solutions implemented by the society and individuals?
  11. What are the most effective ways to gain the understanding of those people who differ racially, culturally, socially, or economically?
  12. Which way can the barriers between groups be broken?

Topics Related to College Life

  1. How can college education become more affordable?
  2. What is the best way to find the balance between the study, work, and social life for a college student?
  3. How can a college student handle the problems with the roommates?
  4. What is the method of getting into shape for college students?
  5. How can a college student address the misunderstandings with the parents and persuade them to grant him or her more independence?
  6. How can one address the problem of having loud neighbors in the apartment or dorm?
  7. Which way is it possible to keep a long-distance relationship alive?
  8. How can a college student help a suicidal acquaintance or friend?
  9. What are the ways of stress relief for the college students?
  10. What should the students do to be more focused in class?
  11. What is to be done with the problem of radicalization in colleges?
  12. What should the college students do to avoid the hazards of extreme partying?
  13. What are the ways to address the practices of extreme fraternity in colleges?
  14. What are the ways to handle the problem of cultural diversity among the college students?

Topics Related to Sports


  1. How can the women's sports gain more coverage in the media and more sponsorship?
  2. How can the conflicts at the stadiums among the supporters of different teams be avoided?
  3. Is coaching the only possible career choice for the athletes after retirement?
  4. Does the bias reporting in the past affect the attitude to sports journalism? How is it possible to change that attitude?
  5. How can the fatality rate be reduced in sports?
  6. Is it effective to have the monopoly in sports such as ESPN, for example?
  7. What is the effect of coaches on the lives of their trainees? How can they affect the children's lives if they are too authoritative?
  8. Do the locker rooms give a start to lesbianism / gayism?
  9. Which way can the sportsmen prepare themselves for the possibility of losing the games?
  10. Which way can the sportsmen prepare themselves for the possible injuries?
  11. In your favorite sport, what is the average salary of professional players and what should it be? Are salary caps recommendable?
  12. What is the most effective division of the profits gained from sports between the owners and the players?
  13. Pick the venue you like to go to watch the sports. How can it be improved?

Topics Related to Education


  1. What are the ways to increase the safety in schools, colleges, and universities?
  2. What is the right balance between the study and sports at the learning institutions?
  3. How should a sensitive topic of sex education be addressed by the parents and parents?
  4. Is it possible to eliminate school truancy?
  5. How can the learning institutions stay away from politics?
  6. How should the learning institutions address the problem of school bullying?
  7. How can parents influence the success of their children in learning?
  8. Is it possible to turn Math into a student-friendly subject?
  9. Should it be allowed for the students to repeat a grade?
  10. What are possible solutions of redshirting?

Topics Related to Social Issues


  1. What are possible solutions of the problem of illegal immigration?
  2. How should the governments ensure the improvement of literacy?
  3. How is it possible to avoid sexual assaults in schools and colleges?
  4. Why the suicidal people avoid getting assistance?
  5. How can a problem of overpopulation be addressed in urban settings?
  6. Which way is the transgender issue be embraced in the society?
  7. What are possible ways to assist the children from the families with divorced parents be successful in relationships, study, and building happy marriages?
  8. How can racism be prevented or eliminated?
  9. What help is needed for the victims of domestic violence?
  10. What are the desirable changes in the welfare system to ensure effective solutions of the problems of generational poverty?
  11. How should the problem of illegal immigration be addressed?
  12. How can the growing problem of gun violence be addressed?
  13. What are the effective ways to ensure rehabilitation of prisoners to make them productive society members?
  14. Which way is it possible to guarantee effective healthcare for all the people in the world?
  15. What measures should be taken to ensure the improvement of literacy?
  16. How can human trafficking be prevented?
  17. Which measures should be taken to prevent the negative influence on the children from media violence and pornography in the movies, television programs, Internet videos and movies?
  18. Should the taxes be different for the poor and the rich?
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Topics Related to Family Life

  1. What are the solutions to the problems in relationships between the teenagers and their parents?
  2. Is the effect of pushing on the children by demanding parents?
  3. What is the effect of family violence against the spouses and children?
  4. What is the effect of the drug-addicted parents on the children?
  5. What do the children learn from overprotective parents?
  6. How do the children react to the excessively critical parents?
  7. What are the ways of keeping from angry outbursts when the children can see that?
  8. What are the ways of preventing arguments with the children and spouses?
  9. How is it possible to recover peace in the family after infidelity?
  10. How can the blended families get on well?

Topics Related to Transportation


  1. What are the ways to encourage the public use public transport instead of the cars to decongest the city roads?
  2. What are the ways of improvement in the pedestrian safety?
  3. How can one address the problem of the first mile / the last mile?
  4. What are the effects of excessive energy consumption?
  5. What is the effect of carpooling on the roads?
  6. Is it reasonable to increase the gas tax?
  7. How should the toll roads be treated: as a solution or a problem?
  8. How should the authorities make transportation problems easier for the disabled people?
  9. What solutions can be chosen for the traffic violations?
  10. How can drunk driving be prevented?

Topics Related to Environment


  1. How can a cruel issue of climate change be addressed? What policies and laws are required?
  2. Should fracking be illegal?
  3. What is the way to prevent oil spills and other kinds of environmental accidents?
  4. How can the city authorities promote using bicycles to reduce air pollution?
  5. Can the introduction of the rule "one car per family" facilitate solving the problem of global warming?
  6. How can the problem of the climate crisis be addressed via investing in renewable sources of energy?
  7. Can the ecological collapse be prevented with marine protected areas?
  8. Can natural disasters be prevented with the formation of sustainable neighborhoods?
  9. How can the problem of allergies be addressed via reducing the number of chemicals in the air?
  10. Should pesticides be banned?
  11. What are the solutions to the global water pollution problem?
  12. How is it possible to prevent long-term risks related to enormous amounts of waste?
  13. How is it possible to avoid soil pollution using better disposal techniques?
  14. Suggest solutions to address the global problem of deforestation.
  15. What should be done to reduce the emissions of can carbon dioxide from the vehicles?
  16. How can such practices as destructive landfills caused by the increase in the global population be prevented?
  17. Should the public awareness of environmental issues be raised?

Topics Related to Criminology


  1. How can the teens be discouraged from joining gangs?
  2. Which measures should be taken to eliminate terrorist radicalization?
  3. Is there any connection between the poverty and growth in crime?
  4. What are the solutions of the problems related to white collar crimes?
  5. How is it possible to avoid crime among young people?
  6. What are the ways of addressing the problem of public gun violence?
  7. Can police brutality be addressed by the governments?
  8. Should the policy of drug crime be reviewed?
  9. Which methods should lawmakers apply to address the problems of human trafficking?
  10. Is it right to allow the incarcerated parents to meet their children?

Topics Related to Business


  1. Which methods can be applied to reduce the unemployment rate?
  2. How can foreclosures be prevented? What measures should the governments take?
  3. What are the solutions of the workplace disputes?
  4. Can exploitation be addressed with the help of unions? Should the workers join them?
  5. How can the child labor issues be addressed by the government?
  6. What is the solution of the consumer debt issue in the United States?
  7. How can the students be protected against loans and banks?
  8. How can the government encourage the sustainability of startups in the first year of functioning?
  9. What is the solution of the problem related to the business uncertainty due to globalization?
  10. What are the directions of strategic thinking in successful businesses?

An Outstanding Problem Solution Essay: Shocking Topics


Please note that it is not right to use the most obvious topics for problem solution essays. It is better to select intriguing or even shocking topics, like those presented below:

  1. Can a fake smile make a person happier?
  2. Is it right to use pepper to prevent children's' biting their nails?
  3. Is the students' awareness of social problems improved with the Facebook infographics?
  4. Can music in malls impact the criminal behavior?
  5. Is the risk of divorce reduced if the spouse has a college degree?
  6. Does the attendance of the classed depend on how comfortable the chairs are?
  7. Does the Internet affect the long-distance relationships in a positive way?
  8. Can depression be relieved with a new hairstyle?
  9. Does success of the programmers depend on the availability of facial hair?
  10. Can the students' literacy be improved with audiobooks?
  11. Is the parents' control over the social media used by their children advisable? Can it protect the children from hazards?
  12. Can the global overpopulation problem be resolved with the policy of one child?
  13. Can the problem of climate change be resolved with the vegetarianism tendency?
  14. Should diversity be increased and encouraged? Is immigration desirable for the strong society?
  15. Is force-feeding appropriate in case people have severe eating disorders?
  16. Can traffic jams be eliminated in the future with the flying cars?
  17. Can the problem of climate change be mitigated with the policy of having one car per family?

Funny Topics for Problem Solution Essay


Are you still deciding on the topic for your problem solution essay? Do you want it to be a great one? Try a funny topic to make your readers enjoy the text and smile. Benefit from a win-win situation and make use of one of the topics below:

  1. Watching a funny puppy video in the evening reduces stress.
  2. Confidence can be easily boosted by singing loud songs in the shower.
  3. Stress reduction by karaoke singing is possible (only in the singer).
  4. Computer games reduce the time spent by the children outdoors.
  5. If you cannot get rid of your habit of late eating, it is effective to try using a programmable electronic lock.
  6. Having slept through the lectures, one can catch up with the class listening to the recording done instead of notes.
  7. Instagram users can boost their self-esteem posting pictures processed in Photoshop.
  8. Texting gets easier with autocorrect.
  9. An oversleeping problem can be solved with the use of alarm clocks which can be stopped only when the owner runs after it.
  10. The problem of cooking meals in a dorm will be solved with 3D printing.
  11. Multitasking skills are essential for the students who can cope with their studies, work, and social life.
  12. Stress can be reduced in students if they take a short nap.
  13. A long-distance relationship can be facilitated with a glowing pillow.
  14. Even amateur athletes in college should obtain compensation for taking part in the competitions.
  15. Students would be more active at the lectures if they were provided with free coffee.
  16. Classed would be more exciting if the students could use interactive iPads instead of boring textbooks.
  17. Memes are a contemporary art form that should be a separate subject in art classes.
  18. People who do not separate the trash will not be able to throw it away as the recycling cans will spit it back in the future.
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Problem Solution Topics Related to Technology

  1. Now when the students can easily find all the answers online, has it worsened their critical thinking skills?
  2. Which way can colleges facilitate timely delivery of students' works? What are the modern excuses of those who have not done their tasks on time?
  3. How can the educational establishments improve computer skills of the teachers?
  4. Does yesterday's technology have any value today?
  5. What consequences does the advancement of technology bring? What problems are related to the development of artificial intelligence what can be the solutions?
  6. What are the problems related to electronic signatures and what can be the solutions?
  7. Has the dependence of people on technology got worse with the phone apps?
  8. Is the problem of online breech vital? How can a person ensure the security of a chosen password? Do the options of iris detection and fingerprinting help?
  9. Can a society be cashless but happy?
  10. Would it be useful to have an app for the cars that switches off the phone of the driver?

Topics Related to Health


  1. Overuse of substances can be overcome with the placebo effect.
  2. Motion sickness problem can be addressed with video games based on movement.
  3. Depression gets easier with maintaining the healthy lifestyle.
  4. Anxiety gets relieved with the use of smartphones.
  5. The obesity problem should be solved via the prohibition of genetically modified foods.
  6. There will be fewer cases of bulimia if the photos of models are shown with no retouching.
  7. The problem of lung cancer can be solved with the complete ban of tobacco advertisement.

Solutions to Life Problems in a Problem Solution Essay

A good essay can make a difference if you choose a topic that is meaningful for you. Moreover, a well-written essay can make an impact on other people who will make significant decisions afterward. You can start a chain reaction with your essay. Thus, it is a matter of crucial importance to choose the most important topics to your problem solution essays. If you see that the paper is really good, you can make a difference and ensure important chances.

However, do not think that the final result depends only on choosing a relevant topic that you are passionate about. There are a number of other hints which can make essays excellent.

First of all, it is important to stick to the chosen topic throughout the essay. It is a challenge to ensure that the subject is neither too narrow nor too broad. It is clear that coverage of the topic depends on the number of pages you have to write. However, it is always better to keep relevance to one idea only.

Secondly, you cannot just make out the thesis statement without thinking. This is a very important part of the essay placed in the last sentence of the introductory paragraph and it gives the direction to the thorough analysis.

Thirdly, the body of the problem solution essay should comprise from three to five paragraphs; however, this is not the obligatory rule. However, the number of paragraphs is, it is recommended to have a certain aspect analyzed in a separate paragraph. Besides, make sure that there is a logical sequence of ideas in your text.

Finally, a lot of students make a mistake in the last paragraph. They find it logical to provide a short summary of the presented ideas; however, a good grade requires more than that. A concluding paragraph is supposed to restate the key thesis and demonstrate that it was right. That is the main aim of problem solution essay writing.

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