What Makes You Happy and Unhappy? That is a good question that can be discussed over and over again. People are different in their nature. Some of them have only a roof, and some - common food, while the others spend time on different entertainments. However, are all of them happy enough? That is a big question as the inner state of happiness does not depend on the amount of money people have. Happiness is different. It is cultivated by people during the whole life. It depends on the lifestyle, life period, and family values.


Happiness... Happiness can be brought by the simple cup of coffee drinking in the morning, a good sunny weather after a storm, or just the presence of the close people after a long leave. Happiness is different for all people. In Getting into the Flaw by Diana Smith, happiness is determined by the achievements in education, social, professional, and personal sphere. Children in this period of life do not think about eternal issues such as lives in different faraway countries or unhappiness of the other people. These children dream about their achievements. Motivation together with ambitions helps children to achieve their goals. Happiness is the inner state of people with goals. When there is something that worth living, people have an aim. They achieve this aim and gain pleasure. It brings the feeling of happiness. People are happy when they achieve their worthwhile goals according to their life position. They have some obstacles and overcome them with the feeling of pride. The more obstacles, the more efforts, the more happiness after these goals are achieved. In Why You Are Happy, the influence of the surprising truth on people has been presented. These truths have become a great breakthrough that also made people happy. This means that when people are not even thinking about some events or ideas, the sudden pleasant opening can make a person happy for a while.

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Unhappiness can be caused by different factors. People can be depressive and unhappy during the whole period of life even if nothing bad happens. This inner state is connected with their inability to see another world with all its colors. This inability is hidden inside of them and restricts them in their daily life. However, there exist real factors that can make them unhappy. In the Getting into the Flawby Diana Smith, it is described that experiences people have can make people unhappy. Cruel experience such as the unpredictable death of the close people or loss of some material things can make them unhappy. This unhappiness can either be erased with the years or stay with people for a long period and transform into a big lifelong depression. People are unhappy when the small troubles explode into a big problem one day. The worse is that they cannot overcome it or change something. People can also be unhappy even if they have everything but cannot appreciate that. They can live in luxury and spend the time in the best places of the world. But they do not close people besides. Unhappiness is always caused by some factors of the cruel world. If people cannot overcome them, they risk staying unhappy forever.

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However, the factors that preserve people of this inner feeling of unhappiness can be cultivated by every person if they will learn to perceive life as it is. It is difficult to change as the outlook is being created from the very childhood. However, every person has a choice and can change his/her life in order to be happy.

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