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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics


At various points in your academic career, you will be required to write academic assignments. Some of the types of essays include persuasive, argumentative, narration, descriptive, and of course compare and contrast, which is the topic of this page.

As you are writing your paper, you need to make sure the paper is formatted properly, contains reputable sources, and is free of grammar issues and typos. But for a lot of students, the stress begins even before they have begun writing it. In particular, it is not always easy to think up a topic that is appropriate, interesting, and of which there is the significant debate. Fortunately, the experts at have compiled a list of 250 topics, 25 each in the fields of psychology, education, technology, history, politics, environmental science, sports, IELTS preparation, music and health. Do you have a great topic suggestion that is not on this list? Let us know and in the future, we could very well feature it on our list! Before, we start let us show you recommendations on choosing the best writing prompt.


How to Pick a Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topic

  • Choose a topic for which there is no universal consensus.
  • Avoid something general and instead opt for something specific.
  • Pick a topic for which you hold an opinion on and have knowledge about. It makes it easier for you to find the right sources and otherwise make the arguments you need to make.
  • Along the same lines, pick a topic that you enjoy. It will make the process of writing much easier.

Ready to get started on finding the perfect idea? The list below is almost certain to include a topic that is appropriate for your class, no matter what you are studying.

You would find this page useful: How to Write Compare and Contrast Essay?

Psychology Topic Suggestions:

  1. Gamophobia or autophobia: which fear is more debilitating?
  2. Left brain versus right brain
  3. What characteristics do schizophrenia and antisocial disorder have in common?
  4. What role do behaviorism and psychodynamics play in terms of delivering healthcare?
  5. Choose two fields of psychology and discuss how they are similar and dissimilar
  6. In what ways do trait theory and contrast theory share similar characteristics and how do they differ?
  7. In what ways are the cognitive perspective and behavioral perspective similar?
  8. Compare and contrast hallucination and illusive dreaming
  9. Is there a link between intelligence and critical thinking skills?
  10. Compare and contrast group therapy techniques with individual plans.
  11. Compare and contrast the effects of TV exposure versus video game exposure among children.
  12. Are love and lust the same thing?
  13. How does the traditional medical treatment of depression differ from new-age methods?
  14. The roots of social anxiety disorder and fear of leaving the home.
  15. Compare different methods to treating PTSD
  16. Compare and contrast tiger parenting with a hands-off approach.
  17. Is Schizophrenia linked to intelligence?
  18. Compare and contrast ego with the superego
  19. How parents and peers influence teenage behaviors
  20. Psychology: social science or social study?
  21. What psychological factors raise the risk of teen suicide
  22. Compare and contrast symptoms of anxiety with depression
  23. Is psychological torture acceptable in some situations?
  24. Should there be a ban on animal testing?
  25. Is marijuana really as harmful as hard drugs?
  26. Anorexia or Bulimia: which eating disorder is more difficult to treat?

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Sports Topic Suggestions

  1. Are parents applying too much pressure on their children to succeed in sports?
  2. Do steroids really help baseball players hit the ball?
  3. The technology to replace MLB and NFL game officials already exist. Should it?
  4. Have the Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors ruined the NBA with the concept of super teams?
  5. Will women's sports ever be as popular as men's
  6. Do curses really exist in baseball?
  7. Should college athletes be paid?
  8. Will the epidemic of concussion-related deaths eventually seal the fate of football?
  9. Is the summer Olympics truly economically viable?
  10. Discuss the Russian sports doping scandal. Was it politically motivated or fair?
  11. NASCAR versus Formula One
  12. Instant replay in sports: is it helping or hurting on the whole?
  13. Should public funds be going towards the building of new sports stadiums?
  14. Why is so much hatred directed towards successful teams (Yankees, Duke basketball, NE Patriots)
  15. Do NFL players have the right to protest during the National Anthem?
  16. Football and basketball
  17. Should women be allowed to compete in UFC?
  18. Can cricket heal the political conflict between India and Pakistan?
  19. Will soccer ever catch on in America?
  20. Should coaches be able to offer athletic scholarships to 8th graders?
  21. Which sports should be added to the summer Olympics?
  22. Is video gaming a sport?
  23. Is point shaving a serious problem in sports?
  24. Has boxing lost its luster?
  25. Should the champions of Major League Baseball and the Japanese Nippon League compete?

Education Topic Suggestions

  1. Small versus large class sizes and their academic impact
  2. Do advanced placement courses lead to better academic outcomes?
  3. Compare/Contrast how private and public schools are run
  4. Indoor games versus outside: which do kids prefer?
  5. The use of multimedia in schools: an effective way of teaching versus traditional approaches?
  6. Dialectic or didactic approaches to education: which is better?
  7. Should education focus on the job training or on teaching general thinking skills?
  8. Should sex education be taught in schools?
  9. Heterodoxy versus orthodoxy approaches to education
  10. Standardized testing: strengths and weaknesses
  11. Should high school elective courses be eliminated in favor of more science and math courses?
  12. Traditional education versus homeschooling
  13. Public schools versus private schools
  14. Listening to audio-based books versus reading: does either approach improve grades?
  15. Pros and cons of online courses versus traditional methods
  16. Information Technology-based teaching versus traditional teaching
  17. Pros and cons of studying abroad
  18. Do teachers focus enough on proper writing skills?
  19. Pros and cons of banning homework assignments
  20. E-books in schools
  21. What approaches best reduce high school dropout rates?
  22. Gun control versus investing in mental care: how can school shootings be prevented best?
  23. Would an entirely IT-based education prepare students better than traditional teaching?
  24. Compare and contrast how two books can highlight the same things
  25. Paid versus universal education

Technology Idea Suggestions

  1. IOS versus Android
  2. Ebooks versus paperback
  3. Windows versus Apple
  4. Xbox versus Playstation
  5. Game consoles versus handhelds
  6. Laptops versus tablets
  7. C++ versus Java
  8. Should websites be allowed to use personal information if it improves services?
  9. Impact of online technology on younger generations
  10. Social media: pros and cons.
  11. On the whole, is globalization as a result of technology a positive or negative development?
  12. The sequencing of human genes: a breakthrough in the elimination of disease or Pandora's Box
  13. Product sales vs service sales
  14. Do text messages make socialization less personal?
  15. Online freelance versus traditional office job
  16. Has technology made life easier or more complicated?
  17. Strategies for improving the strength of passwords
  18. Advanced AI: something to embrace or a threat to civilization?
  19. Benefits and ethical concerns pertaining to bioengineering
  20. Should more or less be invested in space technology?
  21. Have televisions become obsolete?
  22. Nanobots: a realistic approach to curing diseases?
  23. What do apps say about an individual's personality?
  24. Should the Internet be free for all?
  25. Pros and cons of smartphones
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Politics Topic Suggestions

  1. Security vs freedom in the States
  2. In the Age of Trump, who truly leads the world?
  3. Is Wikileaks good for democracy?
  4. Is an autocratic style of government ever appropriate?
  5. Democrats versus Republicans: How to bridge the political divide
  6. What characteristics make up a truly transparent government?
  7. What does the rise of the Alt-Right in America mean for the world?
  8. Could a third-party candidate ever win the US Presidency?
  9. How does the power structure of the US Senate differ from Congress?
  10. Roots of Roe v. Wade
  11. Pros and cons of direct democracy compared to the representative form
  12. How did the NRA evolve from an apolitical entity to a hard-right organization?
  13. What circumstances led to the passing of Prohibition and the consequent repeal?
  14. Should there ever be limits to the First Amendment regarding free speech?
  15. Do Iowa voters have a disproportionate amount of influence on the presidential nomination process?
  16. Compare and contrast the Democratic and Republican Parties?
  17. What caused the U.S. Whig Party to die out?
  18. What influenced states that voted for Obama in 2012 to vote for Trump in 2016?
  19. Can the EU overtake the US economically?
  20. Discuss the complicated relationship between the US and Russia.
  21. Should babies born in the US to two non-citizen parents continue to automatically receive US citizenship?
  22. Will Iran ever overthrow its theocratic government?
  23. Is gerrymandering fair?
  24. Should Congress be term-limited?
  25. Pros and cons of a united Korea

IELTS Topic Suggestions

  1. Cultural differences (pros and cons to each culture)
  2. Should company profits take priority over ethical concerns?
  3. What characteristics make for a successful business leader?
  4. Provide a comparison of two different religion types
  5. Should higher education be free for all?
  6. Should fathers get time off work to help with their newborns?
  7. Family business versus non-family business
  8. What are the benefits of learning a second language (aside from English)
  9. Can there be a balance between religious freedom and secularism?
  10. Is plastic surgery getting out of control?
  11. Should more be done to encourage use of public transport as a means of curbing air pollution?
  12. Should smoking be banned in public places?
  13. Is teaching best left up to mothers and fathers?
  14. Does exposure of violence in video games increase aggression in children?
  15. Should there be limits to free speech?
  16. How can learning from the past allow civilization to advance in the future?
  17. What country do you dream of visiting and why?
  18. Black people beliefs vs white people beliefs about marriages
  19. The pros and cons of instant messaging versus socializing in person
  20. Is it always better to give than to receive?
  21. Is there a more humane method for dispersing non-violent protesters?
  22. Can conflicts between rival ethnic groups ever truly be solved?
  23. Should soft drinks and junk food be banned in schools?
  24. How can we combat cyber-bullying?
  25. Should governments mandate more vacation days for employees?

History Prompts Suggestions

  1. What Lead to the American War of Independence
  2. The 18th century or 21st century: pros and cons of living in each century
  3. Medical practices in ancient Rome versus Greece
  4. Life now and before electricity
  5. What factor most influenced the collapse of the USSR?
  6. China's motives for occupying Tibet
  7. What issues gave rise to Nazi Germany?
  8. How did South Korea advance so quickly from backwater to economic power?
  9. African American contributions to the War of Independence
  10. Examine the circumstances that led the British Empire to ban slavery decades before the US
  11. What are the roots of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
  12. Discuss how the Democratic and Republican Parties have changed since the 1940s
  13. What factors led to the success of the Women's Suffrage Movement in the US?
  14. What was the political dynamic between the British and the indigenous people following the loss of the Colonies?
  15. What factors contributed to pilgrim settlement in the New World?
  16. Life in Spain during the Franco Dictatorship
  17. The contributions of France during the US War of Independence
  18. Discuss US Federalism versus States' Rights
  19. What mistakes lead to the Great Depression?
  20. The enduring consequences of the South's defeat during the Civil War.
  21. Was the 2003 War in Iraq justified?
  22. Should the US have dropped nuclear weapons on Japan?
  23. Should American schoolchildren be required to learn a foreign language?
  24. British and American cultural similarities and differences
  25. Are the contributions of African Americans and women acknowledged enough in schools?

Environmental Science Writing Suggestions Are:

  1. Recycling versus landfill
  2. Traditional versus energy-efficient light bulbs
  3. How can renewable energy be produced cheaply in developing countries?
  4. What steps can be taken to save endangered wildlife?
  5. Is paper really a better choice than plastic?
  6. The causes of global warming
  7. The pros and cons of fracking
  8. Should cities strive to be completely independent of fossil fuels?
  9. How to prevent the illegal hunting of elephants
  10. The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill 30 years later
  11. Overfishing, how can it be stopped?
  12. Are GMOs safe?
  13. Compare and contrast two forms of renewable energy
  14. Strategies for healing the ozone layer
  15. Rising levels of acidity in the oceans
  16. Restoring the Great Barrier Reef
  17. Finding a balance between business and environmental regulations
  18. Biomass and plant biofuels
  19. Should gas-powered cars be phased out in favor of 100% electric?
  20. The effect of harvesting palm oil on the wildlife
  21. Protecting animals and industry: Can there be a compromise?
  22. Should greenhouse gasses be banned?
  23. How to combat air pollution in California
  24. Where should be storing spent nuclear fuel?
  25. How can airplanes be made to be more eco-friendly?
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Music Compare and Contrast Writing Prompts

  1. Indian and Chinese music: a comparison
  2. Is rap a true form of poetry?
  3. Were the Beatles overrated?
  4. Is digital music killing the industry?
  5. The pros and cons of pop music
  6. In what ways can music help people to overcome depression
  7. In the age of digital radio, is FM even relevant anymore?
  8. Who is the most influential rock group in the 21st century so far?
  9. YouTube allows anybody to create and post their own music. Pros and cons
  10. Do schools invest enough in their musical programs?
  11. Can music heal the racial divide?
  12. What genre of music is most challenging to play?
  13. Rock or hip-hop?
  14. Why are one-hit wonders unable to repeat their success?
  15. Should performers who do not write their own music be criticized for that?
  16. Is the use of auto-tune acceptable in some cases?
  17. Should Ticketmaster hold a virtual monopoly?
  18. Is the art of songwriting fading away?
  19. Are boy bands unfairly criticized?
  20. Elvis Presley music versus Beatles music
  21. Can music lessons be made more affordable to less affluent people?
  22. Has technology eliminated the need to play musical instruments?
  23. Is it fair to compare music from different eras in terms of quality?
  24. With YouTube and downloadable music, is there a need for albums anymore?
  25. What matters more: the lyrics or a song's melody?

Health Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Should you ditch coffee?
  2. What steps can African governments take to stop the spread of AIDS?
  3. Should pharmaceutical companies be banned from advertising?
  4. McDonald's vs Burger King's food
  5. What steps can the US government take steps to fight the opioid crisis?
  6. Do anti-drug campaigns geared at children actually work?
  7. Can alternative medicine be effective in the treatment of cancer?
  8. Should human cloning be allowed under some circumstances?
  9. Should chemical castration be an option for punishing sex offenders?
  10. Is aspartame harmful on the liver?
  11. Gatorade versus coconut water: which is healthier?
  12. Should the FDA speed up the process of green-lighting potentially life-saving medications?
  13. Should there be a tax on junk food and sugary drinks?
  14. Are expiration dates on certain medications necessary?
  15. Should medical marijuana be approved on the federal level?
  16. What takes precedence in terms of maintaining weight: exercising or eating fewer calories?
  17. Should the US move to a single-pay health care system like its European counterparts?
  18. Would the US be prepared if the Ebola virus reaches the country again?
  19. Are antibacterial soaps and gels making for more resistant germs?
  20. Should victims of heroin abuse have access to clean needles?
  21. Are stem cell transplants ethical?
  22. Should girls be required to receive vaccines for the human papillomavirus?
  23. Are children being overprescribed psychiatric medications?
  24. Should brain-dead patients without be taken off life support at the discretion of medical professionals even over the objections of family members?
  25. Will technology that allows the blind to see ever become a reality?

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