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Welcome! At The Cyberclass Network (TCN) you are invited to double as a teacher and a student where you learn and teach information which formal institutions of learning neglect to teach. The Cyberclass Network welcomes "truths" from anyone, anywhere - pertinent research, related links to other websites and/or articles or documents worthy of sharing with others. At The Cyberclass Network you are invited to re-educate yourself by browsing and/or studying selected courses in any of the Learning and Teaching (L & T) Rooms. You are also encouraged to bookmark The Cyberclass Network and come back often to review and look for updates and/or to tell us of new information which I may consider adding to The Cyberclass! Network.

At The Cyberclass Network you will have an opportunity to be exposed to some information about why we-the-people are enslaved to an unfair and immoral economic system. But you will also find many solution-oriented articles - many written by others and some authored by myself. Some are reprinted from the LEADS newsletter which I published bi-monthly for ten years - from 1981 until 1991. These LEADS articles will be published as time permits in the appropriate classrooms at The Cyberclass Network. The data provided in the given articles is important and may be used for presentations and discussions. Therefore, many learners search for additional information on the covered topics and ask to “do my powerpoint presentation” to capture the main themes and ideas.

Visitors to The Cyberclass Network will be exposed to various points of view expressed by thinkers from all around the globe on topics, events and happenings that may be very new or unusual to you. At The Cyberclass Network you will learn knowledge that is not in the curriculum at elementary school, high school, college or university. Nor should you expect the establishment media to expose you to the kind of learning offered by The Cyberclass Network for they usually dismiss such information as "not newsworthy".

The Cyberclass Network is definitely not the property of any rich men behind the scenes nor does it conform to the unwritten laws enforced by the clique of local and international financiers who dominate and control the establishment media. In fact, The Cyberclass Network seeks to free itself from the subtle bondage of the outrageous tyranny perpetrated by the establishment media and various self- appointed lobby groups. In recent years, news from all around the world has been carefully "managed." The Internet is providing an alternative for those of us who are wary of "managed news" and The Cyberclass Network is proud to be a website which does not tolerate censorship nor the management of news and information nor the denial of freedom of expression as an ordinary and acceptable condition.

The Cyberclass Network assumes no responsibility for the content of any pages you may link to as you pursue cyber-education. I support the vital but fragile issue of "freedom of speech". I believe that "freedom of speech" must be protected and enhanced whether or not we

agree on the subject matter written or spoken. We cannot have "freedom of speech" when the state or any high profile lobby group tells you that you cannot hold certain views nor beliefs nor talk about them, nor publish them in the print media nor the electronic media. We must not be controlled by fear of being charged with "word crimes."

The Cyberclass 'Re-Education' Network

Argentina's RGT - The World's Largest "Usury-Free" Barter and Trading Network

Argentina's RGT(Red Global de Trueque), is the biggest barter club network in the whole world with well over one million participants throughout Argentina. And the number of participants is growing rapidly as each day dawns in 2002.

Understanding My "Straw Man" & The "Redemption In Law" Process

I am attempting to adapt the information from the book: Redemption In Law - see advertisement at the end of this document - so that it might be applicable to myself as a Canadian living in Canada. This exercise is twofold, firstly to permit me to better understand this new information and secondly to stimulate those who may choose to read it to be motivated to further reasearch the background information as it applies to their respective "straw man" and then take action to re-capture their "straw man."