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When you are working on your paper, you generally pursue several goals. Firstly, you certainly want to keep your readers interested in what you are writing. A deductive essay can help you understand how you can use this form of academic writing to amuse your readers. Secondly, as a student, you are expected to write papers on some complex deductive essay topics. It means that you will follow the instructions provided by your professor and will try to explain something really important and interesting to your readers. Deduction means that you will explore literature and deduct your conclusions based on evidence. Sometimes, you will have to explain a problem and propose a deductive solution.

What Is a Deductive Essay?



When you are talking of a deductive essay example, you typically mean a distinct type of academic writing that is based on logic and reasoning. In a deductive essay, you will make conclusions based on a thorough analysis of evidence. You will need to use the extensive information to justify your conclusions. Of course, the way you use deduction will vary from essay to essay. You may need to rely on popular assumptions or you may need to use the clues provided by other researchers. In any case, you will need to make a difference between true and false statements. You will also have to persuade your readers that your conclusions are valid.

As you are working on your deductive essay, your primary goal will be to use deductive reasoning and address a problem that is relevant to your readers. Once you reach a logical conclusion, don't forget to share it with your audience! Also, do not forget that your deductive essay can take two different forms - deductive argument essay and deductive reasoning essay.

Deductive Reasoning - Making It Clear


Deductive reasoning implies that you are using your logic and reasoning to derive conclusions based on a thorough analysis of data or evidence. It is one of the most basic forms of critical thinking and decision making when you are able to reach a conclusion that will help your readers solve some problem. Deductive reasoning is not the same as inductive reasoning. The latter means that you begin with some narrow problem and arrive to conclusions that allow you to make generalizations. In contrast, deductive reasoning is when you begin with evidence and deduce your conclusions according to the data you have been able to locate. Also, remember that deductive and abductive reasoning are not the same thing. Abductive reasoning always pursues a direction that is opposite to the conditionals. Deductive reasoning always follows them.

Creating a Deductive Argument


A deductive argument essay is a different type of deductive essay that you may need or want to write. In essence, it is an argumentative essay. You present an argument to defend your position using deductive logic. It does not automatically mean that your argumentative essay will provide a compelling argument. After all, the whole argument may look invalid if you fail to make proper assumptions at the beginning of your paper. Moreover, you should not forget about the importance of deductive logic. It must be perfect! Your opponents should not have any single chance to find logical fallacies in your paper. They must see that you have been thorough and consistent proving your point.

Of course, if you are working on an inductive rather than deductive essay, then you may not need to worry about the truthfulness of your assumptions. All you need to do is relying on evidence and using it as a shield to protect yourself from opponents and their attacks. Deductive reasoning essays always rely on the existing premises. In contrast, inductive reasoning essays begin with evidence to make generalizations and inferences about future changes.

How to Start a Deductive Essay?


No matter what good topics for a deductive essay you may have, it is always better to begin with structure. Of course, you can find a decent deductive essay writing service and simply say, "Write a deductive essay for me", but if you are decisive about going ahead on your own, you should understand what components your deductive essay example must include.


You will never manage to produce a brilliant deductive essay if you do not have a premise. This is the foundation of your deductive paper. To a large extent, it is something that you believe has validity or is true. Sometimes, you may want to base your deductive essay on more than one premise. At other times, you may want to include as many as ten premises to guide the writing process. Once you have these premises on your mind, you should begin looking for information. insists that your premises should be compelling and relevant to the reader. Begin looking for information early or don't hesitate to ask for help!

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Now that you are done with premises, you should focus on the evidence. Look for quality information that will allow you to defend your position and deduce logical arguments that are persuasive and logical. For instance, you can share some interesting story with your readers. You will have to make it more colorful and relevant, by incorporating additional information about your story. For example, if you are describing a case of workplace bullying that you yourself have experienced, you can also add statistics on workplace bullying and use evidence to describe its disruptive effects on victims. Make sure that you use only relevant, unquestionable sources. You will have to spend a lot of time collecting evidence for your deductive essay. The more thorough you are at this stage of writing, the better will be your conclusions.


When you are writing a deductive essay, the conclusion is the most important part. You will need to be particularly thorough working on the concluding paragraphs of your deductive paper. It does not mean that you will have only one conclusion. What it means is that you can have as many conclusions as needed, but only as long as they are justified. Be specific and focused. Do not forget about your premises. After all, they are the basic framework and source of guidance for your deductive paper. Also, do not forget to restate your thesis. After all, everything that you choose to say or write in your deductive paper will revolve around your thesis statement. Even before you sit down to write your deductive paper, you may have ideas or clues as to how your conclusions will look. This is why do not hesitate to develop an outline for your essay.

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As you are working on your deductive essay, follow the basic structure for all academic papers. Develop a thesis statement. Devote each paragraph to a separate point or premise. Make sure that you do not discuss several different thoughts or assumptions in the same paragraph. Do not confuse your reader! Now you know how to structure your deductive essay, and you are ready to select a topic for your paper.

The Best 15 Topics for a Deductive Essay


  • Drugs in China. China is one of the most popular places for growing opium poppy. The country has always been at the forefront of the regulatory changes that imposed severe restrictions on the drug trade in China. However, it has not always been the case. It is important to look how public perceptions of drug trade evolved in China during the course of its history.
  • Children and computers. In the age of technologies, even the smallest children have easy access to advanced solutions. However, parents are still in a position to decide if they are willing to let their children use mobile phones and computers. Safety is a matter of concern when it comes to advanced technologies. Many parents do not want to expose their children to health and developmental risks that are typically associated with computers. Besides, too much computer time can be disruptive for family relationships. Make your choice now!
  • The assassination of John Kennedy. This is one of the most popular topics for a deductive essay. President Kennedy was shot to death in 1963. He was visiting Dallas. The killer was named to be Harvey Lee Oswald. The historical investigation continues today.
  • Cloning and ethics. Cloning is one of the most revolutionary developments that mark the technological and human progress. The first act of cloning was successfully completed in Britain. Cloning promises huge advantages to humanity. However, the ethics of cloning is constantly debated. Many people believe that it violates the basic premises of human nature.
  • Marketing to adolescents and children. Companies that sell their products to children and adolescents do it differently from companies that target adult audiences. Is there any balance of good and bad advertising? Should companies be allowed to target children in their advertisements? Should children be allowed to participate in advertising campaigns?
  • Depression - Illness or Habit? A new argument in professional and popular media is that depression is not like many other diseases such as diabetes or flu. However, the number of people diagnosed with depression constantly increases. So, is it a disease?
  • Socialism -Good or Bad for People? Many deductive writing prompts are related to politics and socialism, in particular. The essence of socialism is in serving the needs of people. Socialists make popular claims that their strategies, policies and decisions are intended to promote human well-being. However, socialism has always been a subject of numerous research and political controversies. After all, it is never possible to eliminate all social conflicts in society. Mistakes are also possible, but they are quite common when it comes to socialism. Thus, does it mean that socialism is inherently faulty?
  • Hitler, the Hindu, the Himalayas, and Berlin. This topic should be used if you want to explain how the Himalayans, the Hindu, and Berlin came together at one point of time. It may seem at odds, but your task is to make it clear to the reader.
  • Tibet. This essay should be devoted to the study of Tibetan expeditions and the discoveries that were made during them. Many trophies that were found during the European expeditions to Tibet are kept in museums. Many of them have yet to be classified and described. Germany keeps many Tibetan artifacts. So many years have passed since the last expedition, and it is still difficult to explain the meaning of many items.
  • The Titanic and Its Place in History. If you look at the history of the twentieth century, it is all about technologies, from cars to airplanes. The Titanic had to become a triumph of the human ability and thought. Yet, it became one of the biggest technological failures in the human history. Consider the role which the wreck of the Titanic played in the technological progress.
  • Ukraine and the Orange Revolution. 2004 was the year of political change for Ukrainians when thousands and thousands of people went to streets to express their disagreement with political falsifications during Presidential elections. The country's main square, the Maidan, became an arena of disagreement and a space for self-expression and protest. It was an example of democracy in action. However, its results were quite ambiguous.
  • Hitler and Stalin - Allies or Enemies? In 1934 when Hitler stood at the heart of some of the very first bloody attacks in Europe, Stalin was struggling to understand what Hitler wanted and how the Soviet Union could withstand the threat presented by Nazi Germany. Stalin was reconsidering his foreign policy in an attempt to understand and anticipate Hitler's moves that would ultimately result in the Second World War.
  • Technology and teaching - Is there any balance? Technologies are increasingly used in education and learning. In fact, it has become normal to use technologies for school education. However, not all school teachers have the skills and mastery needed to manage educational technologies effectively.
  • Blaming others for failures and mistakes - it is part of the human nature? When we are small children, the whole world looks different. Quite often, we cannot resist a temptation to blame others for our mistakes. We do not want to assume responsibility for our failures. Is it normal? Can it be avoided?
  • Dieting and health. A popular message sent by media is that it is better to keep to a healthy diet to avoid many diseases like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular complications. However, not all diets are equally useful. Are there any diets that are tasty and pleasant? Are there diets that are dangerous to health and wellbeing?

You can choose any of these deductive topics for your paper, or you can say, "I need a deductive essay, can you write it for me, please." High-quality deductive essay writing help is always here. You simply need to say what discipline you are in and what topic you want to choose for your paper. For example, if you study sociology, then you can focus on technology and teaching or socialism. If you study healthcare, then dieting and health will be an optimal topic for you. This is certainly not the exhaustive list of deductive essay ideas. If you have a different topic to write about, just let us know. Check our guidelines, and you will be better prepared to write a brilliant deductive essay!

Deductive Essay Examples

It is common for students to have a poor understanding of deductive essay writing. This is why we suggest that you read our deductive essay samples or request affordable assistance with deductive essay writing. Once you review at least a couple of samples, you will have a better understanding of deductive essays, their form and structure. Our sample can provide you with guidance and timely assistance as you are trying to produce a perfect deductive essay and earn the highest grade. Just let us know if you need any additional help with your paper.

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