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Incline Trainer X3: Nordic Track

Generally, the Incline Trainer X3 impresses by its advertisement. The pages of the brochure are well-designed and contain the essential information, which attracts the eye at the first glance. On the other hand, there are some gaps that should be addressed.


The Incline Trainer X3 is a new invention in the fitness world. It has an extremely attractive design. The retail price is acceptable, which makes it an affordable choice for the consumers. The last question that should be addressed is its advertisement that engages buyer's attention. It is necessary for the potential buyer to decide whether all specifications are acceptable, but in the long run the hustle is worth the result. Three main Web pages from the Nordic Track site about this investment have been analyzed and will be discussed further.

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The first screen is the "Burn 5X the Calories". The design and structure of the page allow to quickly observe the overriding goal of the product. The half-page picture shows the main advantage of this fitness equipment and demonstrates its capacities. The colors are used correctly in order to attract the attention and inspire to teach more about this miracle simulator. The text is positioned in the left corner. It gives a more detailed description of the product. The argument is - the bigger the incline is, the more energy the person spends. Accordingly, many calories will be burnt. Moreover, a person may build an excellent sculpt muscle to make everyone jealous. The graphic confirms this statement, which gives the viewer not doubt about the truthfulness of the information.

The second screen is the "Reflex Cushioning". It consists of two parts: left and right. On the left side, there is text, which describes one of the opportunities of the Incline Trainer. It is the Reflex Cushioning. This characteristic allows the customer to feel a pleasure of running while not feeling that he/she is on the road. The absorbing technology makes exercising milder, so that there is no discomfort, which makes intensive training similar to walking outside. Furthermore, a great advantage is the added video which showcases the text on the right side. It is therefore possible not only to read, but also to watch videos. The video shows all possibilities of using this device. Moreover, the usage of the video produces a stronger effect on the user and increases the trustworthiness of the information, in contrast to the picture.


The third screen is the "Testimonials". It was a great idea to compose this kind of advertisement, because people often trust the feedback of others. It is interesting to read about the experience of others, get to know about their achievements and evaluations of the invention. Moreover, a large variety of testimonials gives the opportunity to read the opinions of different people and make the right choice. The photograph of the respondent plays an important role as well, because, while reading, the consumer is more likely to believe a real person with the face.

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Overall, each page is competent and well-targeted. The arguments are clear and understandable, so there is no doubt about the attractiveness of the project. The texts are logical, as they represent facts, arguments and clear characteristics. The pictures, videos, and graphics enforce other elements well. Therefore, the effectiveness of these three pages is considered to be on the advanced level and will be likely to bring significant sales.

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While the first two pages may seem flawless to the average viewer, the third one may have a noticeable drawback. It will be better to show more than one photo, for instance, an image of the user before the Incline Trainer and after working with it. Moreover, it is necessary to add the possibility for clients to ask questions. This solution will increase the credibility of the producer. It is also advisable to add real numbers of achievements and set achievable goals for all users. While there are many way for improvement, these are the most logical and achievable ones.

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