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Apple's Mission, Leadership Style and Control System

The contemporary competitive business environment is full of companies, which are worth paying attention to. Apple is one of the companies, which continues excelling its abilities and impressing millions of customers all over the world. The activity of the company reflects the rapid pace of the technological development of the contemporary world. In particular, the paper provides information on the company's mission, its organizational processes, leadership style, control system, and innovative managerial practices. By the end of the research, it would be easy to understand personal interest in joining the organization based on the information about every aspect of the company's performance.

Apple's Mission

Apple's mission statement has shifted from the period of management by Steve Jobs. Nevertheless, it does not mean that the company lost its initial characteristic features, which make it an outstanding leader. In fact, the contemporary mission statement of Apple is the following: "Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software." Apple continues moving towards the future and dictates the tendencies of the latest technological innovations. As a result, Apple has moved from the ideas of Steve Jobs, who claimed to perform in order to advance humankind. Nevertheless, the new complex mission statement has allowed Apple to create various technological devices, which are unique and do not have similar products with the same technological characteristics among the competitors. As for the company's planning methodologies, it is possible to outline several steps in the formulation of strategic and tactic plans. The steps include analysis, strategy formulation, strategy execution, and evaluation. In such way, the company continues developing towards the achievement of goals that correspond to the missions of the company. Current strategy of Apple under the management of Tim Cook is based on strengthening the positions of the existing products and the creation of the innovational devices. Consequently, the company continues surviving in the world of severe competition and impressing the customers with the most unexpected functions of the new devices.


The company has a broad audience of customers, including people from all age groups regardless of their gender and occupation. Apple managed to create products, which are useful for children, students, business leaders, housewives, and people on retirement. A broad audience means that Apple aims at taking care and satisfying the needs of the most demanding consumers. Nevertheless, the company performs in terms of severe competition, which is imposed by such companies as Samsung, Google, Nokia, Asus, Dell, Sony, HTC, Lenovo, and many other technological giants. The broad list of competitors is caused by the company's broad specter of performance and the diversity of products.


Apple's organizational structure has never been a secret from the public. Steve Jobs managed to introduce the structure, which fully depended on the core of the structure, namely Apple's CEO. It is a functional structure, which means that every branch performs within a specific field of functions. In such way, Jobs managed to control every division and coordinate every decision with other managers based on the performance of all divisions. It is possible to see the detailed organizational chart introduced by Steve Jobs in the appendix (Appendix A). According to Lashinskiy (2011), the structure is full of simplicity and clarity, which allows Apple to perform with full soundness and flexibility. In addition, Tim Cook continues using the same structure according to its simplicity and usefulness. Nevertheless, the company has a demanding corporate culture, which does not indicate that the structure includes informal entities. However, it is possible to suggest that a gigantic multi-national corporation might have internal groups, which work on the same projects in order to bring innovative ideas.

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Simplicity and creativity are in the core of the company's organizational processes. Apple is a demanding company, which aims at reaching excellence by pushing employees towards improved productivity. Regardless of the fact that many former employees complain on the company's strict conditions, the company is still an object of desire for many candidates looking for a perspective job position. In return, Apple offers various options for career development, which compensates difficult working conditions and the demanding tone of top-management.

The decision-making process fully depends on the structure introduced by a legendary Steve Jobs. The center of the decision-making process is CEO. The decision is formulated based on the information provided by the managers, which have an access to the information about every division. As a result, every employee contributes to the selection of the appropriate decisions, which are based on the performance of the subordinates. Nevertheless, the structure of the company does not allow transforming its performance rapidly. As soon as the changes take place, it takes some time to overcome the imbalanced performance of the company. A functional structure requires every division to accommodate to the changes regardless of the center of changes.

Leadership Style

Apple's leadership style had some changes since Steve Jobs died and let Tim Cook become responsible for the future company's performance. Tim Cook has a different leadership style, which focuses on building relations with other people rather than dismissing employees with the point of view different from his own. Regardless of the great number of points of view, which judge Tim Cook's leadership style, it is possible to claim that he managed to enhance Apple's success by penetrating the performance with respect, kindness, understanding, and striving for excellence (Tobak, 2014). In addition, Apple welcomes every innovative mind. Consequently, any employee is capable of becoming the company's hero regardless of the level of performance. The company highly appreciates the creative approach and innovational ideas.

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The core of the leadership platform in Apple is based on the effective motivation, which focuses on the Maslow's hierarchy of needs. According to this model, the company provides employees with safe environment, meets physiological needs, provides employees with training and development, and highly appreciates every contribution. In addition, Apple motivates its employees by offering the latest models of its products for the outstanding performance.

As for the communication system of Apple, it is possible to emphasize that a functional structure allows working on different projects at the same time. Anonymous feedback of workers and stories of ex-employees prove that Apple uses a collaborative communication style (Edwards, 2013). It does not prefer working in a solo mode, which does not allow exchanging ideas in a highly innovative environment.


Apple is the company, which uses concurrent and feedback controls. These types of the controls derive from the company's desire to avoid gaps in the performance and other deviations from the implementation of plan ("The Entrepreneurial Organization", 2013). Operational controls include quality management, process and capacity design, location strategy, supply chain management, scheduling, and maintenance. Financial controls include various reports, which include top line and bottom line expectations, annual trends, margins, quarterly regional sales, and financial position. The information system allows the company responding to the problems immediately due to the continuous monitoring of the key performance indicators. As a result, the management of Apple is able to monitor the performance of every division and regulate the success achievement process.

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Innovative Managerial Practices

Apple highly appreciates an entrepreneurial approach towards the performance. Steve Jobs introduced a philosophy, which allowed every employee to become highly innovative and collaborative. In this way, entrepreneurship became the key aspect in the development of Apple and creation of ideas. Nevertheless, Apple managed to face some ethical dilemmas in the past. For example, the most famous ethical problem faced by Apple occurred in China. The company's Chinese branch suffered from overwork, which resulted in a loud international judgment of Apple. However, today, Apple is striving for excellence in peaceful ways free from tension on the employees. In addition, the company continues empowering its employees by creating numerous projects and selecting new team leaders responsible for the project's implementation ("The Entrepreneurial Organization", 2013). Consequently, the company continues bringing up new leaders. Technology helps Apple reach the future tendencies in technological development and optimize the company's productivity due to the innovative technologies. It is a cycle, which characterizes Apple's performance.

Interest in Joining the Organization

The primary interest in joining the organization lies in the ability to participate in the global innovational upgrade. In order to join Apple, it is necessary to monitor the latest vacancies offered by the company and understand which skills need to be improved in order to meet the requirements. In addition, a personal desire to be capable of contributing to the history of Apple is motivating enough to improve personal knowledge and skills. Apple is one of the companies, which dictates the future trends and opens the world of the latest technologies to millions of people. In addition, the analysis of the company helped reveal that its performance is clear and is organized in an appropriate order, which creates a systematic approach towards the development. In fact, the organizational structure and the company's communication are persuasive enough to inspire for the innovative way of thinking. Finally, Apple is the company, which continuously strives for excellence in every product. As a result, it becomes the center of stability, development, and the world's optimization. Apple deserves to be a primary leader in the field of innovational technologies, which make lives of millions of people simpler.


In conclusion, it is essential to mention that the paper successfully analyzed the performance of Apple. It revealed the basic facts of every aspect of the company's internal and external environments, which fill the essence of the company's activity. Regardless of the fact that Apple performs in terms of severe competition, it continues impressing millions of customers all over the world. A wise approach towards management introduced by Steve Jobs and optimized by Tim Cook helps Apple remain a primary leader and introduce new products to the world. Apple moves rapidly into the future of the technologies, which makes it a reliable employer offering its employees valuable career opportunities. In return, Apple expects its employees to be highly innovative and creative. The company's motivational system and leadership style guarantee that Apple has a respectable rewarding system for the dedicated employees. In general, the discussion helped understand the principles of Apple's performance with its control elements and attitude to the innovational process. By the end of the discussion, it became easy to understand my personal interest in joining the company and becoming one of the contributors to the world of technologies.

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