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Racism in South Africa

Racism is a basis of discrimination all over the world. It is a differential treatment to people of various races: Africans, Asians and Europeans. It commonly occurs on social and religious grounds. Individuals feel superior to others in some countries; this is the reason for the usual monkey chants in the European leagues. Racism is directed towards the African players playing in European nations. This happens just because they have a different color of skin.

White people think they are superior to the blacks. They seek for privileges to dominate over blacks. The stereotyping of people in racial lines is uncalled for. It is common sense that racists do not require power. Racism is a product of marginalization of people in sects and groups. Sometimes people tend to be racist due to scarce resources. This is the rationale for the presence of al blacks and whites roads during colonial periods in African nations.

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The outspoken case is the case of South Africa. The white apartheid rule was very damaging to the integrity of the South African people. This led to the apartheid regime. There was deliberate separatism on racial lines. People were suppressed. This culminated into war to fight racial discrimination. Prominent leaders were arrested as a result of the fight against apartheid. President Nelson Mandela was a prominent figure among the nationals of South Africa. He was unfairly jailed for fighting for freedom and equal treatment for all people of South Africa. Indeed there was the success in the struggle for equality and respect towards the people of South Africa.

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Scholars argue that racism robs off humanity from a person. This can be seen in drinking places, leisure destinations and common street names in most countries. Cultural differences among nations are the basis for the racial discrimination. Some people think their cultures are superior than others. They seek to treat others as inferior human beings. One American scholar wrote about the inferiority of African intelligence capacity. He did argue that Africans have a very low intelligence quotient. This later proved to be wrong as he also was of African origin. Whites have superiority complex while the blacks have an inferiority complex. This is the basis for racial discrimination. There will always be the negative attitude as a result of historical beliefs. The black people tend to believe that the white people look down upon them.

It is common to realize and note that even blacks are racists amongst themselves. This is very common in architectural designs. One can rarely see the black architects use black color to represent devils in drawing church plans. They also courageously use white color to present angels. This is surely irony. There is no logic of associating Africans with devils and white Europeans with God's angels (Charles, 2009).

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There is also religious racial discrimination. This is common among Christians and Muslims. The race is a cultural construction and manipulation of the human mind. Scientists have previously stated that race originated from genetic code; different human characters and /or species are a mutation of genes. This statement is proved to be wrong as it implied that there was a mutation of African gene.

Racism is a sensitive issue in most countries. Organizations are formulating policies to minimize racial discrimination. There is a need to promote a fair society free of racial discrimination.


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