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Waterproof Clothing Marketing Plan (Surf Shorts)

The product is a pair of surf shorts with waterproof pockets. The shorts are made from a nylon fabric and the pockets are coated with polyurethane. Polyurethane coating ensures that the pockets remain water proof. The pockets can be sealed providing a small storage area. The nylon material is suitable as it drips well, dries up quickly and it is durable. It has a waistband which is implemented to fit everyone. It comes in various colors and prints so as to suit both men and women and all ages. They also come in different sizes and lengths in order to create a comfort zone for different preferences. Many surf shorts have pockets, but they are left open and considered an accessory, while the pockets on these shorts are sealed and it is more useful, because valuables can be safely kept away from damages or theft.

Why there should be waterproof pockets in surf shorts if they meant to be used solely in water? The answer is quite obvious and simple. Having fun at the beach, people always want to keep valuable things with them. These may include wedding rings which can easily slip off. The probability of stealing the car keys from the bags at the beaches is extremely high. Preventing the loss of values is the main reason for manufacturing this product. However, the major competitor is the Hurley Phantom Board shorts which have introduced the innovation of water repellency.


Marketing Plan

Customer Analysis/ Target Marketing

A customer analysis evaluates who forms the target market. It ensures that the product reaches the expected target group at the expected time. It also gives an overview of the customer expectations (Richard & Lepisto, 2005). The needs and desires of customers have been evaluated, in addition to the current market trends. It is important to push a product into a market that readily accepts the product. While putting into consideration customer needs, the company must ensure that they provide a unique product so as to win the competition.

Surf shorts have a demand all over the world not only to be used in water but also in outdoors in the hot seasons. The target market entails the mass market as this product can be worn by everyone. Its range in sizes, prints, color and lengths ensures that there is something for everyone. The modification of waterproof pockets allows all-weather use. Currently, they can only be worn during the hot season, but with the modification, they can also be used during the humid season. Such type of clothing is worn not only around the beach, but also for some outdoor activities. Why then to alter the current trend due to the change in weather?

The product gives consumers an opportunity keep to the fashionable trend despite the weather. There is no need to worry about valuable things at the beach. Some items like watches may be destroyed by chemicals in the water, but the waterproof product eliminates such a possibility.

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SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis helps to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that come along with selling the product. The strengths and weaknesses portray the firm's internal attributes while the opportunities and threats portray the attributes of the surrounding environment (Kotler & Keller, 2012). The opportunities and strengths provide an extra advantage of manufacturing the product. The threats and weaknesses provide a benchmark which helps to understand the market better. It provides a suitable business acumen with a clear idea of how and where to sell.

In order to address how to sell this product better, it is worth analyzing the strengths and opportunities. This step identifies the positive elements which the firm has in order to market and sell the product successfully.


The strengths that lie with the release of the product include an already existing market share. In addition, the resources are already available to facilitate the production of the product. The financial capability to produce and market the product is rather strong.


The opportunities provide the firm with the necessary knowledge to realize where to sell and at what price. Surf shorts are currently a trend and attract a huge amount of consumers across the globe. The product is not limited to a specific area, thus mass marketing and selling is possible.

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Marketing Mix

The marketing mix looks at the 4Ps of selling the product. These include the product, price, place (distribution) and promotion (marketing communication mix) (Dev &Schultz, 2005). The product and pricing strategies have been identified, and the place and promotional aspects will be addressed for better marketing.

Marketing Communication Mix/ Promotion

The key to successful marketing and selling is a proper and vigorous marketing communication mix. A communication mix aims at communicating to the target market on a product (Dev &Schultz, 2005). The aim of the communication mix is to create awareness about the new waterproof pocket surf shorts.

Advertising the product would be the first step to take for creating awareness in the market. In order to reach millions of people within a short period the media should be involved, for example, TV and radio. Print advertisements are of great importance especially in popular journals and magazines. Such magazines are like the Men's Journal and the Surfers Journal. Personal selling especially around beaches is highly encouraged as it is a good market opportunity as well. Promotions will be carried out especially during the launch of the product. They will entail discounting at certain retail outlets for the first customers.

Internet advertisements will take on the biggest budget for advertising. It will not only market the product, but also will boost the selling rates. The internet has provided a special forum for interacting amongst people and such social sites aid in advertising as well.

Place/ Distribution

The distribution channels are based on the geographical scope which should be covered (Dev &Schultz, 2005). In this particular situation, the use of intermediaries is considered. Distributors and retailers will also push the product to ensure that they are available to a majority of consumers. The intermediaries will act as a link among the firm, distributors and retailers. This will ensure a continuous flow of stock in all the target regions.

The place at which the product will be sold first as expansion takes place is important. With the use of internet advertising, to reach out the customers will become easy (Guiltinan et al., 1996). This means that the product can be ordered for from a given outlet and tracing the nearest provider with ease.

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It is evident that the product has its own market. People will always worry about safety of valuable products and these surf shorts provide a great solution. In order to manufacture the product, target consumers must be identified and thoroughly analyzed. The capabilities of the firm such as its financial strengths should also be taken into consideration. Keeping the target market in mind, the means to create product awareness must also be considered. The key factor of selling a product is proper advertising and running attractive promotional programs.

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