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Apple and Dell Equipment

Computer hardware refers to a tangible part of a computer. These tangible parts of a computer can be divided into central computer hardware and peripheral hardware (devices). The central hardware of a computer is made up of a monitor and a system unit. The system unit contains various hardware devices, such as the mother board, CPU and central power supply unit. Peripheral devices are external, and are connected to the central hardware (the system unit), by the cable through the available ports.

Hardware and Peripheral of Dell Computers

Dell computer hardware and peripheral devices are manufactured by Dell. It is a multinational organization based in the U.S. The company produces a wide range of computers and peripheral devices. The given corporation is one of the oldest developers of personal computers and has a big market share in computer peripheral devices and computers. In this section, an analysis of hardware and peripheral devices, produced by Dell cooperation, is given (Meyler et al., 2008).

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Dell Hardware

Dell hardware refers to all the central computers, produced by Dell cooperation. These include Dell system unit, and Dell laptops among others. However, in this case, the consideration is based on laptops and system unit. The hardware of Dell are known for their unique designs. Dell is considered as one of the information technology organizations that produces high quality hardware with unique design. This is based on their job shop product manufacturing approach. This form of processing makes it possible to develop hardware with characteristics that meet the needs of customers. The approach makes it possible for the company to amalgamate research and development ideas about the development of an order and the ideas generated by clients. The following picture illustrates one of the unique features of the Dell computer hardware. The hardware is a laptop but it can turn through 360 degrees, making it possible to use it as a tablet, thus making it more portable (Clements, 2006).

Dell Periphery Devices

The peripheral devices, produced by Dell, include the pointing devices and storage devices, as well as printers. To ensure that the end customers benefit from these peripheral devices, Dell has made it possible for them to be compatible with central hardware from different manufactures. For instance, a Dell mouse can be used in operating Lenovo or HP computer. The plug and play feature is also unique for Dell peripheral devices. The feature allows one to simply plug their periphery devices to the computer, and they (peripheral device) begin functioning right away without requiring the lengthy process of installation.


Hardware and Peripheral of Apple Computers

Just as Dell, Apple hardware has a unique design. Its design is mostly focused on aesthetics, thus making it attractive to customers. Concerning aesthetics, it has the best design that appeals to clients. Econometrics is also another feature in Apple design. The hardware's design is user-friendly, even if one is working for long hours. For instance, in laptops hardware, it is evident that laptops are very thin, thus making them portable. This characteristic is evident with the new PowerBooks and iBook's, the screen when opens it goes out and moves down, making it efficient to be used during travels. The hinge is durable and protected, making it difficult to break. However, one disadvantage with Apple hardware is that they are not directly compatible with other forms of applications and devices. This limits the utilization of these hardware (Meyler et al., 2008).

Apple Peripheral Devices

Their peripheral devices are good, considering their attractive design and their ergonometric consideration that makes it comfortable to use. However, these peripheral devices have poor compatibility with other hardware. It is impossible to use an Apple pointing devices on other machines, as you would do with Dell peripheral devices (Clements, 2006).

Comparison between Dell Hardware and Peripherals

These two manufacturers have various similarities; the main one is based on the quality of hardware and peripherals that they produce. It is evident that both companies produce products that are unique and durable. However, the difference lies in the compatibility of peripherals. Apple peripherals are less compatible with other hardware's and peripherals, while Dell has high compatibility with other hardware and peripherals. The price is also another distinguishing feature. The other difference is in the variation of products; Dell products are highly differentiated, as compared to the products from Apple. This can be attributed to the fact that Dell is focused on various needs of customers, while Apple is focused on product's attractiveness (Clements, 2006).

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Hardware refers to the tangible components of a computer. Hardware can broadly be classified into central hardware and peripheral devices. The central hardware of a computer system is located on the system unit, but the peripherals are external, and they are connected to the motherboard through the available ports at the motherboard. The main similarity regarding Apple and Dell is the focus on the production of unique products that are aimed at satisfying the client's needs. However, it is evident that Dell computers are the best regarding compatibility with other peripheral and the central hardware. Dell hardware is compatible with a range of peripheral, this is the same to its hardware, and is capable of accepting different peripheral without much limitation. Hardware for Apple can only accept peripherals made for Apple and no other devices, this is the same to its peripherals, and they cannot be used to other hardware other than Apple.

The other difference is on the pricing of products; it is evident that Apple that has a small market share, as compared to Dell has high prices on their products. Additionally, Dell produces highly differentiated products, compared to Apple. The difference is because Dell uses job shop production that results to a high variety of products but minimum in volume, while Apple uses a standardized production that result in the production of a high volume of products but less differentiated.

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