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Compare and Contrast Beatles Music Vs Elvis Presley Music

The Beatles music refers to the rock style of music that was performed by an English band based in Liverpool in 1960. Their rise to stardom began in 1960, and they became the most successful group of Rock music commercially. Their popularity began to rise in the United Kingdom after the release of their first hit entitled "Love Me Do" in 1962. They were acclaimed by many people for the electric performances that accompanied their music. The leading singers in this band were John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The other members included Pete Best, Ringo Starr, George Harrison and Stuart Sutcliffe. Elvis Presley was both a singer and an actor living and working in the USA. He is often referred to as the king of rock and roll by his fans and critics for the impact he had on their lives and on the music industry in general. He was revered during his heyday, and he is still a cultural icon. He died in 1977, but the impact of his music is still being felt up to date due to the rapid fame he endured in the mid-1950's.


The music that was performed by Elvis Presley and the Beatles group differed in various aspects that ranged from the music harmony, the rhythm, type of melodies, the tunes and tones, and lastly the sound effect. All these differences have been highlighted, and they include the following:

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The Beatles Band had a superior artistry of combining a multiplicity of genres, and this included country music, baroque pop, folk rock and psychedelic. Their way of presentation and performance was daring and littered with artistic discipline (Elvis Presley Enterprises). As a result of their ability to coalesce and manipulate the music by the use of the sound effect and harmonization of the melodies deployed in their musical performances; their end product was more captivating as compared to the music that was composed and performed by Elvis Presley.

Both of the artists were cultural icons who were idolized by the fans and their critics alike. For instance, Elvis was the greatest singer and entertainer of all times, whereas the Beatles were the greatest music band of all times.

Music created and performed by these people brought joy to millions of fans worldwide. They were brilliant in their musical renditions and attracted beneficial commercial contracts and packages, as a result. This boosted their music careers and helped them to stay on the top during their halcyon days.

Both marked the beginning of a new era in the music industry and the entire fabric of the world culture. They transformed the entire world through their music and the message they relayed to the listeners. Their songs had a long-lasting impact on the minds of their fans and music lovers in general.

Both had the advantage of accessibility to fans that had access to a wide variety of media. This predestined wider exposure of their music and consequently greater rewards, as a result.

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They both had the audience that was not used to the phenomena of full-scale media. The inadequate number of media outlets during their time meant that they got all easily got all the attention they so much desired such that other upcoming musicians never got the chance to expose their music to the world.

They both marked a change in the generation in accordance with the historical record. The music that was performed by the Beatles band was merely a continuation of the music of Elvis Presley had started. They changed the entire music industry in a way it had never been done by their predecessors.

Both set of musicians did not distinctively have a quantitative or qualitative difference for that matter in terms of team allegiance their male and female fans. It, therefore, means that they were not able to correctly ascertain the actual number of their male fans or female fans.

The other similarity in the presentation of their music is based on the use of musical instruments. They both used the harmonium musical instrument in conjunction with other instruments to array their musical talent to their fans and to the world at large (Moeller).


The following are the differences that emerged between the Beatles' music and Elvis Presley's music. Some of these differences are extremely contentious because they tinted an image that portrayed the fans of the Beatles music to be higher in both the social and economic status. However, in most instances, the following differences are conspicuous and they stand out. The first difference is based on the geographical location of the musical performers. Elvis Presley hailed from the United States of America while the Beatles were from the city of Liverpool in Britain. Therefore, this meant that they performed their music to the fans in their locale.

It took a little more time for the impact of Presley music to be felt in the United States of America due to the inadequate media facilities during his time. However, the Beatles had a resounding reception, and their music impact was felt in every corner of the world and particularly in London due to the advancement of technology that was being realized during their rise.

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Elvis Presley's music encountered increased resistance from the nation at large because of the rhetorical questions he raised. Fortunately, the Beatles faced a few challenges largely due to the work Presley had done in the music industry prior to their emergence. Presley wiped off the resistance that most of the musicians were bound to encounter during his era.

Another obvious difference is that Elvis Presley performed as an individual whereas the Beatles comprised of a band of artists. Elvis Presley was also an artist and an actor while the Beatles only concentrated on their music career.

The other difference is that the fans of Elvis Presley music were largely composed of a working-class social and economic background whereas the fans that supported the Beatles music came from the middle-class type of social background.

In terms of education, the fans of the Beatles music were likely to have more college and university level of education and knowledge than the fans of Presley music. This is largely due to the time difference between the emergence of the two sets of distinguished musicians.

The psychological needs and the propensity of the fans of Elvis Presley music were stronger than the fans of the Beatles music. This implies that they were more prone to cause divisions among themselves.

The music lovers of Presley music were more insecure psychologically than the fans of the Beatles (Owens). The psychological insecurity portrayed by the fans of Presley manifested itself in acts such as blind faith and thoughts of self-denial.

The fans of the Beatles were more than likely to have more loyalty to their music than the fans of Presley. This is depicted in the allegiance of the fans to those clubs that promoted the songs of the artists.

In conclusion, Elvis Presley was an outstanding musician who used his musical talent to great effect. The rock music he performed was appreciated by his fans and the world at large. Equally, the artists that formed the Beatles band were effective in their music performances, and, as a result, they attracted huge crowds to their concerts. Their style and choice of music were almost alike, but there are differences that were prominent both in their sets of fans and in their music. Through their music, they revolutionized the music industry in terms of the quality of the songs they performed.

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