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Cultural Comparison between Kosovo and Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia and Kosovo share more than the expected level of cultural activities in both formal and informal cultural setups of different countries. Despite the fact that Saudi Arabia is an Islamic nation, both verbal and nonverbal communication and interaction in space and time are similar. The citizens of each have special attire for formal and informal meetings which differs with a restriction for the structured and freestyle for the casual. Moreover, in both countries, modern technology has been greatly embraced and its influence is evident. Similarly, both have adhered to the use of the modern technology in meetings and relaying information through emailing and social media. In addition, the appreciation of the family and elders is a common thing in Saudi Arabia as well as in Kosovo.

To begin with, one of the vital things in social interactions is how people greet one another. On the one hand, the common greetings among the Kosovars are 'good morning', 'good afternoon', and 'good evening'. In addition, they use 'hello' or 'what's up' as a more conversant way, which is mostly utilized by the young people or when time is limited and one is in a hurry. Kosovars also use handshakes, especially in business meetings. Moreover, hugs and kisses are frequent among people within the same social status regardless of gender or age. On the other hand, in Saudi Arabia, greetings are mostly religious, thus, 'salaam alaikum' is commonly used in addition to standard phrases at all times of day due to Islam being the dominant religion. Furthermore, handshakes are an accepted greeting among people in Saudi Arabia. Nevertheless, unlike in Kosovo, cheek kisses are permitted here, but not between independent members of the opposite sex. In this light, kissing for a man is limited to one's sister, mother, grandmother, and aunt.


Additionally, both Kosovo and Saudi Arabia portray different nonverbal communication cues. In Kosovo, people have the tendency to keep a distance while dealing with new acquaintances. However, the closeness can be observed among family members and friends. Also, Kosovars are interested in time depending on the kind of meeting. In other words, Kosovars show more punctuality in business gatherings than they do in social gatherings. Likewise, people in Saudi Arabia maintain distance when dealing with strangers or those they are not closely related to unlike when interacting with family members or friends. In matters to do with time, Saudi Arabians do not compromise lateness in business meetings; however, in social gatherings, punctuality is never an issue.

The dressing can also be considered an important influence on the overall outlook of the nation. Hence, Kosovars dress professionally for business meetings. Accordingly, men wear suits and women are expected to dress modestly. However, during weekends or free time, women have the freedom to dress in the way one pleases. In Saudi Arabia people always wear traditional clothes such as shmaq and eqal for women and thoob for men. These clothes are also worn during special occasions such as weddings and meetings. Women are required to wear modestly, but they still have the freedom to wear anything in ordinary times.

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Technological advancements have made it possible for Kosovars and people of Saudi Arabia to embrace the use of various devices and ease the daily routine. In detail, iPads, projectors, laptops are more and more employed in simplifying an individual's performance. Regarding communication, Kosovars, and Saudi Arabians communicate through emails and social media. Nevertheless, while speaking in person is termed as a more effective method of communication, in Saudi Arabia, social media is the most common form of interactions. In such a way, social media replace the face-to-face conversation, even for the people within the same locality. In such a way, the cultures of Kosovo and Saudi have significantly leaned towards becoming more individualist that collectivist, and technological advancements have substantially contributed to it.

The notion of respect is another option that should be considered. Both the Kosovars and Saudi Arabians have great respect for the elderly and the family members. Regardless of the occupation, personal, and work commitments, people are expected to dedicate time for the family to make them satisfied. In both cultures, one has to work hard to cater to the needs of their families and elderly in order to thank them for their contribution. Furthermore, in both cultures, it is disrespectful to eat with mouth open and not to offer pay for the meal, even though if one was invited their claim will be denied, it is common courtesy to offer the payment.

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In conclusion, it is evident that Kosovars and Saudi Arabians have many cultural similarities. First of all, both hug and kiss each other as a form of greetings, even though Saudi Arabian men are restricted to only kiss a female that is a family member. Moreover, both use the common greetings in both formal and informal communication, whereas Saudi Arabians also use religious greetings. Nonverbal communication when dealing with strangers, punctuality, notion of respect, professional dressing are also among the analogous things. Besides, Kosovars and Saudi Arabians have incorporated technological advancements that have turned both cultures from being collectivist to a more individualist way of life. All in all, regardless the differences that two countries have, they still show remarkable similarities in the daily routine.

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