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Compare and Contrast Football and Basketball

Nowadays people enjoy playing different kinds of sports. Some are interested in baseball, others like playing tennis. However, among the most popular kinds of sports are football and basketball. People have an opportunity to watch both of them on television or in stadiums, as well as play them for recreation. Football and basketball have a lot of common and at the same time have different features.

The similarities of football and basketball include the following aspects. Firstly, both sports are ball games. Despite the differences in the form of the ball, a key principle of football and basketball is based on throwing the ball and running. Secondly, football and basketball require teamwork in order to win the game. Players have to cooperate with each other, trust each other, and follow the determined strategy of the game. According to the rules of both sports, players can be replaced by substitutes. These changes can be made almost at any period of the game and can take place when players have injuries or get tired. Thirdly, a person should have the strong body and perfect physical condition in order to play football or basketball. Moreover, both kinds of the sports have distinguishing techniques that help teams to win the game. In addition, both sports are based on the principles of fair play. That means that there should always be respect between the players and there cannot be any displays of the racism during the game. Finally, both sports have a great number of fans all over the world.


The most important difference between football and basketball is the equipment of the players. Football and basketball players use the ball as the main equipment. However, there are some differences such as the size of the field and the ball. Football is being played on the natural or artificial grass field with 114,30 meters long and 59,44 meters wide. Basketball is played on the wooden surface. Its size is 94 feet long on 50 feet wide. There is also a difference in the place where both sports are played. Football is played outdoors on the stadiums. Basketball matches are usually held indoors. However, a lot of people prefer to play basketball outdoors on concrete courts.

Balls also have a different shape and weight in both sports. Football is played with a smooth leather ball that has black and white pentagonal sections. However, there are different types of balls used in football. They can vary from one championship to another. Basketball uses the leather ball that has the orange color and thin symmetrical lines.

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Football and basketball require different physical qualities. Thus, football players use legs to control the ball and win the game. On the contrary, in basketball players use the upper part of the body. Basketball players are also higher than footballers as they have to rebound and block the competitors. The football players do not have to be tall. There are successful football players of all heights. For example, Maradona with the height 5,41 feet and Peter Crouch, whose height is 6,59 feet, have become outstanding football players. Both sports also require different body contacts and techniques. Footballers can tackle other players in order to control the ball. At the same time, it is rarely seen in basketball. Footballers use legs to dribble, pass the ball, and shoot on the gates. Basketball players use hands to pass the ball and score it in the basket.

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There are also a lot of differences between football and baseball concerning the rules. For example, there is a different number of players. The basketball team consists of five people while there are eleven players in football. Substitutes of the players in basketball are not limited, while in football there can only be three changes during the game. Both sports also have different length of the game and uniform.

Thus, despite all the differences between basketball and football, these sports have a positive impact on the lifestyle of many people. They provide people with motivation to keep fit and stay in a good physical shape. People enjoy watching and playing both football and basketball as these sports are based on the good competitiveness principles of the fair play.

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