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Who can be defined as a hero?

There are many examples of heroes in the contemporary world. Different people may define a hero in various ways depending on their age, origin, occupation, or social status. Furthermore, this definition may alter in the course of time. The personalities who were referred to as heroes in the past are not always treated as heroes at present. At the same time, heroes whom people are proud of and praise will not necessarily remain the same in the future.

Traditionally, there exists the stereotype of the hero as a courageous, brave, and strong man or woman. This stereotype is virtually fair. However, one cannot judge the hero only from the appearance. "If to examine more thoroughly a wide range of other essential qualities and character features become apparent". Thus, a true hero is also considered to be an honest, patient, reliable, and helpful person. It is necessary to conclude that heroes are not rare mainly due to the fact that they may be found in various situations.


Therefore, a hero is an average person who aims at solving intricate issues and problems that take place in contemporary society. He realizes the problem and makes considerable attempts to solve it notwithstanding that sometimes it seems impossible to carry it out. A hero is, in most cases, an average citizen who is likely to perform good actions intended to assist other people or community and even save the lives of other people. One should highlight that one may be called a hero for rescuing the life of a single person or the lives of millions.

Moreover, not only real people can become heroes; fantasy figures are often referred to as heroes. Children always have heroes of their own among the characters of the novels or films. In many cases, the hero provides valuable lessons concerned how to survive in life-threatening situations or how to rely on your own forces. Apart from giving valuable lessons, the heroes provide children with a sense of belonging. It is virtually proved that children treat a hero as an invincible person who must change the world.

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To my mind, a police officer is an example of a real hero. These men and women do not have any superhuman or extraordinary abilities. The most important thing that they possess is a sense of duty before their country. Every day, they risk with their lives for the sake of other people, their peace, and well-being. Sometimes, the police officers have to travel across oceans and leave their families behind in order to be able to defend people and secure their lifestyle. However, in the majority of cases, the society takes such sacrifices for granted. There is another type of hero that is worth mentioning.

Some people living in poverty have the purpose to alter their lives and succeed in the future. Thus, they have to work very hard during their entire life to become what they want to and make their dreams true. There is a wide range of examples of eminent politicians, presidents, and other personalities who contributed largely to the development of all spheres of the country's life.

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Thus, a hero may be defined as an average person who solves problems that they face in the contemporary world. These people try to do their best to succeed in their attempts to assist the country and the community. To conclude, everyone can become a hero. It is not necessary to carry out some extraordinary actions.

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