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Accomodation Crisis Persuasive Essay

The levels of literacy in the world are rising sharply with developing countries leading in the trend. The hierarchy of enrolment into education system begins with early childhood education and diminishes at higher education in universities. Worldwide enrollment into public, as well as public universities, has increased than the rate of putting up of accommodation facilities. There is thus an accommodation crisis in every institute of higher education in the world that needs to be solved. Commonly, first-year students are the major bearers of the problem because they mostly are not familiar with the university or college environment. Most administrators of institutions of higher learning are not concerned with accommodation issues for the university because it is not within their jurisdiction. They are majorly involved in the management of academic programmes such as research and scholarship. The bulk of accommodation responsibility is held by private investors who put up apartments in the outskirts of the university or college. In addition, the transport system from the university compound to the apartment is also a private engagement where students have to pay a bus or train to their preferred destination.


Accommodation crisis in university causes many problems to students as they have to put up with many stressing moments. There is the disruption in the learning process of the student because of regular movement within vast distances. A student has to create extra time to travel to and from the campus in the morning and evening respectively. The time spent in travelling could be spent in doing other constructive activities such as research, networking, internship and further studies. Most undergraduates do not have abundant money to spend in accommodation, tuition fees, research and transport. Thus, students should be provided with accommodation within the university to reduce the financial burden on parents and the government. Apparently, the government finances students through loans that they later pay at an interest further worsening their financial stability. The government should thus consider increasing the loan allocation to students such that they can comfortably afford the expensive rental charges that commercial landlords demand per month. More property developers should also be licensed to provide accommodation services to students at competitive prices.

The solution to accommodation crises in the university will assist students to have ample time and concentrate in their studies. There is a double crisis when a student secures an internship position in a company situated many miles away from the university. The student is forced to rent a second rental house that further complicates the financial position of the student.

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The crisis is meant to get worse with increasing enrollment of students with growing need for the competent work force. Stakeholder should thus pull resources together and seek a long-term solution to the accommodation crises. The government should lead this initiative because it is the highest public financier of public projects with the intention of easing the menace. In addition, there should be decentralization of management of the university from the government to a private sector to ensure more stakeholders take up university management roles. Increase in stakeholders shall also facilitate sharing of management tasks such that accommodation provision role can be allocated to financially capable partners. In the short-term public and private sector, partnerships can be pursued to serve as short-term relieve to students'accommodation crises.

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