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Banning Guns Persuasive Essay

Banning of guns in the United States of America has been a subject of both debate and controversy over a number of years. This question has been raised through various channels eliciting debate on whether citizens of a state should have a right to possess guns or not. The main reasons why citizens should have firearms have been suggested as to provide self-defense, for hunting or for collection purposes.

Thesis statement: This paper will discuss the concrete reasons why guns should be banned from use among the public especially in the U.S.

Preview: The use of guns by the public is the controversial idea. Some call it a bold step towards providing a secure world while others believe it is the worst step towards the hell of the insecure world. The main reasons why citizens should have firearms have been suggested as to provide self-defense, for hunting or for collection purposes. However, the following reasons disapprove the idea of giving the public guns in the world today.

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Rising cases of insecurity

Rising cases of insecurity in public places like the recent case of shooting in high schools within the United States makes the use of guns by the public a dangerous idea (Alan & Gottlieb, 2011). Many of the cases are witnessed in various schools around the United States, thus raising the question of safety among the public with guns. Are we much safer with our guns? What about our neighbors, are they also safer with our guns? This is sometimes hard questions to comprehend when stakeholders in the education and security sectors fail to contain or secure innocent children from another monster of their own who comes baying for their blood.


Rising cases of robbery with violence

Rising cases of robbery with violence among citizens in the country due to free and easy access to guns for committing such crimes. People with guns if not controlled and monitored effectively can turn to criminal cases like robbery with violence. This is because they can easily access guns to use in robbing others with or without guns. A classical example is in Washington DC that has seen a drop in cases of murder reported within the past year from crime-related cases like robbery with violence. The decline came into focus after the legislation on gun control was passed. Currently, the murder rate stands at 69 per 100,000 compared to other states like Indianapolis that has no gun control rules. In this state, murder rate stands at roughly 9% per 100,000 people raising the concern of how safe are the citizens even with guns in their possessions (Kleck, 2005, Lott, 2013).

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Increased cases of murder within the streets, homes, schools, and workplaces or in any public area resulting from any cases of disagreement amongst citizens in possession of guns can lead to shooting out. In the order of life, people agree and disagree on various issues pertaining daily activities. However, in cases where some citizens may fail do agree and resolve to fight, use of guns may be employed, and this may lead to mass murder in the streets. Brady bill plus the Assault weapons ban. The bill went into effect in the year 1994 to control the misuse of guns among the public, and since then, there has been a decrease in violent crimes amongst the citizens. The drop in violent crimes can directly be attributed to the ban on this assault-type weapon which were being used at that time to commit violent robberies and fight cartel wars.

Wrong issues of guns to wrong people

Sometimes guns may be issued to the wrong person or hands. In some instances, you might find a mentally disturbed person or a lunatic in possession of a gun that may go on a shooting spree in a public place. This has been observed in some institutions of learning in the United States. Guns should be removed from the hands of these people and the only way to ensure that is through the banning use of guns by civilians or ordinary citizens of the country.

Change of criminal behaviors

The more the law abiding citizen are helpless, the safer they are. Criminals tend to love collaborative victims with less resistance from whom they tend to get through they're ordeal unharmed. A classical example is when an intruder breaks into your house, and you try to incapacitate him using tear gas or any other form of the spray; his reaction will not be the same when you try to use a gun against him (Sugarmann, 2002). In other instances, where one tries to use a gun to stop him/her, the criminal might become more agitated, and he may cause more serious body harm to the victim or even kill him/her.

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There is need to control or bun the issue of guns among the citizens in any republic or state because of rising cases of insecurity, citing a case of the recent shooting in high schools within the United States, murder, wrong issues of guns and the change of criminal behaviors. As discussed above, this paper has provided concrete reasons why guns should be banned from use among the public especially in the U.S because there are more dangers of distributing guns to the general public than restricting it to a few well-trained individuals to man security on their behalf. Besides, little or no measures have been put in place by governments to prevent citizens from killing each other in case of minor disagreements (Carter, 2012). Thus, many will continue committing crimes and taken to prisons by the states. This will, in turn, have ripple effects in the country's economy as many, able to do and economically active citizens will rot their capabilities behind bars, thus the need to ban guns among the citizens.

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