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Death Penalty Persuasive Essay

The abolishment of the death penalty as a punishment for a capital crime is a broad topic that has been debated upon for years. A number of regional gatherings forbid the death penalty: for example, the Christian Bible states, "One should not kill." The system of the death penalty has violated the human right to live by taking away the life of innocent people and it has been found expensive. There are better ways to deal with the offenders rather than killing. During the time of peacemaking, several international organizations have abolished the capital punishment. Political and economical organizations all over the world are struggling to stop executing this type of punishment. This is a requirement of membership in the European Union (EU), and the member states have to suspend the death penalty as an acting measure (Minegar, 2013). This paper will look into the effects of the capital punishment in the world. The essay seeks to explain the damages caused by the death penalty to the affected people in the society throughout the universe. The paper also focuses on the importance of adjusting death penalty to other punishment, which is cheaper and less harmful. Additionally, this writing will evaluate the reasons that make some states cling on capital punishment and their outcomes.

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Death penalty execution violates human rights maintained by The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that all human beings are entitled to equal rights since they all are equal irrespective of gender or status. Right to life is one of the rights that have been discussed by the United Nations (UN). No one is allowed to take away another person's life. The death penalty has led to lack of justice through the unjust execution of innocent individuals. Many people have been declared innocent sufferers of the death penalty. This happens while offenders escape unpunished either because of their stators or poor investigation. In respect to Stassen (2008), capital punishment disrespects and assaults the society which practices it. The death penalty has caused suspicion and terror to people of the states where it is practiced. This is incompatible, cruel, and unjust with human dignity and self-respect. The American Jewish meeting upholds that the capital punishment is an attack on the value of human life and human rights.

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Moreover, the death penalty has claimed many innocent lives. For instance, the United Methodist Church condemns the death penalty, emphasizing that it cannot allow revenge or social punishment as a cause for intriguing the life of a human being. The denominations also embrace that the capital punishment falls unjustly and unevenly upon marginalized persons. This includes the unfortunate, ethnic, illiterate, religious disadvantaged, and persons with emotional and mental diseases. The Conference of the United Methodist Church claims that the bishops of the congregation should uphold resistance to the death penalty. The congregation also calls the governments to pass an immediate pause on practicing the capital punishment ruling. Although this cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment is done in order to practice justice, particular evidence proves that large numbers of convictions are false. Thus, most people are increasingly aware that the capital punishment is biased, unjust, and full of errors. If we do not abolish this expensive and unfair system, we will brutalize the society. Some scholars have stated that 39 killings have been exercised in compelling proof of blameless. Only a fraction of DNA evidence is available in capital punishment and thus most people suffer when they are innocent. Kyte (2010) states, it is better and more suitable to free a thousand guilty people than to put one innocent person to death.


This extreme rejection of human rights can be replaced by alternate forms of punishment, which are cheap among other advantages. Every person is entitled to equal human rights. Right to life should not be withdrawn from any person irrespective of the crime which has been committed. There are better ways of punishing the offenders rather than putting them to death. Some people who commit these crimes can be rehabilitated and get transformed to the useful people in the society. Policy-makers should understand that some of the crimes that individuals commit are not out of will but the mental disorder. The death penalty does not only cause humiliation to the offenders, but also to relatives, friends and society at large. These people suffer the loss of their beloved, and it may end up causing revenge to the witnesses involved. Persons who lose their spouses through the capital punishment can blame the witness, and this situation endangers the life of witnesses. This increases the cost of capital punishment since the cost of witness protection is incurred. It is evident that apart from interrupting with the social life of the affected persons, it also influences the economy of the state.

A lot of unnecessary terror, suspicion, and insecurity have been caused to people in the states where death penalty is executed. Humans live in fear and suspicion of whom will be the next victim of crime and what form of punishment will be executed. As a result, citizens lack trust to the government and judges. They find it as a way of punishing them mentally and emotionally since crimes are unpredictable, and anybody can be victimized. Many people have hidden important information that would help during the investigation of different crimes as they do not trust the executors. In the states where the death penalty is practiced, residents fear that they can contribute towards causing death of a human being. This makes them feel that they go against their faith. The fear has resulted into many unreported cases, as well as witnesses are not ready to protest.

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The capital punishment has been observed as a good way to reduce congestion in jails, but many innocent people suffer death. The research has indicated that investigation does not take place in the right way, and most of the people befall death penalty while innocent. Jails can be used as rehabilitation centers: a service that can change the lives of inmates and make them become useful in the society. Therefore, there is no need of killing a human being who can change and be good people.

Numerous persons argue that the death penalty is a good method of eliminating dangerous criminals in the society, but there is another way to solve the issue. However, not all individuals condemned to death are dangerous offenders. Some befall the situation as a result of the poor investigation, corruption or discrimination. Despite being lawbreakers, even the dangerous criminals could be involved in advantageous projects either within the prisons or other parts of the country. These include farming, which produces food for the nation, as well as other industrial projects, such as carpentry, through which the government can raise revenue.

In conclusion, death penalty should be forbidden, and nobody is allowed to deprive other people's lives irrespective of religion, political state or cultural believes. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (2010) proclaims the right to life. Nevertheless, the capital punishment has violated rights of thousands of people who have been deprived the right to life and have been executed. Life is the most precious thing, and it can be lived only once in a lifetime. We have seen many people suffering innocently due to the unjust execution. Different religions, international unions and individuals have demolished this penalty after considering many problems it has caused to states, families, society and persons. Suspicion, terror and fear of the unknown are also significant issues in the countries that practice the death penalty. The fear of friends and families of the executed has developed mistrust and insecurity to states which exercise it. It has also been a very expensive way of executing judgment. Research unveil that even if an individual is eliminated for committing a crime, the offence does not change, and others can commit the same crime as a result of mental disorder. Therefore, killing offenders is not a solution to justice. Human rights groups and all religions do not support capital punishment. Consequently, death penalty, namely killing, is wrong itself; thus, correction of a wrongdoing by doing wrong is the greatest evil.


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