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Fitness Activities in Nature Persuasive Essay

Fitness activities, amongst human beings, are considered beneficial since they help people to live longer and lead healthier lifestyles. Notably, they should be conducted on a daily basis because they play a fundamental role in affecting people's overall appearance and body structure. Thus, with the healthier body and composition, people are likely to enjoy such extra-terrestrial benefits as high self-esteem, self-actualization and immense level of self-confidence. Statistically, heart disease constitutes more than 45 percent of deaths amongst the American population (Parrot 44-47). In this regard, it is depicted as the number one killer disease given the assumption that for every four American people, one is likely to suffer from chronic cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are the main cause of heart failures, hence depicts the aforementioned 45 percent of the deaths recorded within any given year (Parrot 48).


Consequently, this happening can be prevented by assuming exercises. It is important to mention that the likelihood of one acquiring excess body fats increases their respective risks of suffering from heart diseases. Key research has been able to attribute higher levels of stress to be directly caused by both higher blood pressure and imminent cardiovascular diseases (Parrot 49). For this reason, engaging in fitness activities is perceived to be a beneficial way of eliminating or rather decreasing the chances of being affected by the aforementioned killer diseases. It has been established that people who undertake regular exercises are less likely to be affected by high blood pressure. Notwithstanding, regular exercises are also beneficial in respect to affecting the levels of cholesterol in the blood circulation within the body. A section of the benefits associated with conducting regular fitness activities is affected directly on the heart. It should be noted that the amount of work that a person's blood circulation rate engages in is linked directly to both the number of times it beats and the immediate level of blood pressures (Slotterback, Leeman & Oakes 28-34). Therefore, with regular exercises, it is established that one's heart becomes stronger and more effective in the circulation of blood within the body. This is ascertained to the assumption that the regular exercises trigger efficient working of the body at a lower blood pressure. The muscles that come as a result of exercises acts as a shock absorber hence helps to serving a fundamental role in balancing agents within the body (Slotterback, Leeman and Oakes 34-38). In consequence, the aforementioned stronger muscles aid in protecting people from possible injuries in the course of conducting strenuous levels of work. This is ascertained to the fact that it provides immense levels of support to the joints.

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According to Slotterback, Leeman and Oakes (39-40), extensive research studies have depicted routine exercises as a key reliever of mental stress and pressure. This is because the body releases such wastes as endorphins through effective blood circulation through the brain. In consequence, fundamentally, they should be adopted as a way of living rather than as a chore. People are encouraged to assume the active way of living, as opposed to sedentary lifestyles. On a contrary, most people perceive physical exercises as being time-consuming and costly in that matter (Slotterback, Leeman & Oakes 41). However, it should be understood that the activities do not necessarily entail complex exercises at the gym but such simple exercises as using stairs instead of boarding elevators. Subsequently, as it can be perceived from the discussion above, opting to engage in regular physical activities proves beneficial in relation to people's health and other secondary enjoyable attributes like breathing well and improved physical appearance. The choice to forego exercising is expensive and detrimental to the life of all human beings.

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