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Negative Effects of Video Games Among Children

This problem of interest that will be discussed in this essay is the negative effects of video games among children. In the contemporary world, most parents have allowed their children to play video games without necessary monitoring the kind of games they play. This has led to children spending most of their time playing undesirable games such as those with massive instances of violence or other forms of undesirable behavior. Uncontrolled video gaming among children has led to addiction and withdrawal from other activities, violent acts among children, and increased instances of depression among children. These effects have put the future generation at a risk. Therefore, parents are urged to ensure they control the indulgence of their children in video games to secure the future generation.

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Firstly, video games lead to addiction among children hence ensuring they do not take part in other constructive activities. Most children tend to be immersed in the world of video gaming such that they do not get the time to read, play, and associate with other children. It is significant to note that children need to balance their entire activities in order to succeed in their entire life. Children need to dedicate appropriate time to their studies, association with others, and play that will give them the opportunity to grow effectively (Vorderer and Bryant 37). Most children in the contemporary society have been addicted to video games to the extent where they forget other activities and this negates their entire growth direction. Thus, video gaming results in addiction that negates the normal growth and flexibility of children in society.


Secondly, video gaming among children leads to violent acts, especially where these children develop the habit of watching violent games. There are escalating instances of violence among children in society and a good number of these instances can be dedicated to frequent video gaming. The instances of violence emanate from the desire of children to perform similar moves and actions as those watched in video games. This may lead to children harming others or themselves as they get irritated at any minor misunderstanding.

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Lastly, these games could lead to high levels of depression among children. Frequent engagement in video gaming among children leads to instances of depression as these children feel left out of the mainstream society. They struggle to fit in the society and be like other children who are not frequently involved in video games (Vorderer and Bryant 61). This leads to more problems among these children as their academics also get affected and they perform below the required level. The immense levels of depression negate proper development among these children.

However, there is still some hope of ensuring children do not suffer these negativities. The solution lies with their parents who must remain steadfast in caring for their children. Parents can control video gaming by ensuring their children have a timetable to guide their activities. They should ensure the timetable allocates adequate time to studying and playing with friends. Additionally, parents should regularly monitor the nature of video games played by their children. For instance, they should ensure their children do not engage in playing violent video games that would negate their entire living.

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In conclusion, it can be seen that video games are extremely destructive to the lives of children as they lead to addiction, engagement in violence, and high levels of depression among children. Parents must ensure they take adequate responsibility to promote effective growth among their children hence averting the negative effects of video games.

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