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Nuclear Power is Better than Solar Power Persuasive Essay

Today, China is a global leader in the utilization of nuclear sources of energy, especially through the utilization of WRT power generation. Although France and Germany abandoned their advanced nuclear programs, they still extensively make use of nuclear energy. Most energy analysts argue that although the fuel it drives is deadly to all living beings, nuclear stations is the safest method of generating power because it releases no emissions. On the other hand, solar energy also produces zero emissions of toxic gases into the atmosphere, but it lacks the capacity required by the society. In this speech, I will expound on the reasons as to why nuclear energy is better than solar power.


Today, over 85% of the global electricity is produced using fossil fuels as high costs of oil necessitate the need for the demand for more energy. Walker argues that "in the thirty years, the world will be depleted of oil and coal, hence making the world vulnerable to insufficient sources of energy" (205). Therefore, scientists are recommending that the world must start converting nuclear energy before a major crisis of fossil fuel crops in. However, opponents of the use of nuclear energy argue that fossil fuels have a natural lifespan and cannot be depleted. Therefore, it is fundamental to minimize the use of solar energy and explore other sources in the future.

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The most significant reason that makes nuclear energy preferable to solar energy is that it is clean and does not produce gaseous emissions that may be harmful to the environment. For example, nuclear energy does not emit any sulfur, toxic or greenhouse gases that may be disastrous to the environment. Michaelides (166) contends that since nuclear energy is in solid form, it does not produce radioactive waste and can be easily transported away from the human population. Therefore, the use of nuclear energy is preferable to the burning of fossils, and the high price of oil makes more economic sense to invest in nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy is far much better that solar energy because it is highly efficient and serves a wide range of the population. Although solar energy is a renewable source of energy, it is hugely inefficient and has failed to live up to its expectations. For example, how many solar panels are required to power up the city of Texas, Michigan, or Colorado? This example provides a clear indication that whereas solar energy is free, it may be costly in the long run in terms of buying the solar panels and installation equipments (Falk 345). Besides, the transparency within the nuclear industry has made it highly attractive.

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Supporters of the use of solar energy argue that investing in the nuclear industry is expensive and relatively inefficient. Besides, building reactors is costly, uneconomical, and ineffective compared to other methods of power generation. However, judging from the numerous investments in technology, most of the drawbacks have been addressed, and it has become the most affordable and efficient source of energy. For example, the recent development of the fast breeder reactor, which is fuel efficient, indicates that the use of nuclear energy has evolved (Walker 198).

Another fundamental reason why I advocate the use of nuclear energy is that it produces numerous benefits as compared to other sources of energy. For instance, the use of hydroelectric power can be greatly harmful to the population and cause environmental damage. This will involve the building of huge dams to supply water, which, in turn, could lead to flooding and eventual displacement of tens of thousands people. Therefore, the ecological costs of embracing nuclear energy as opposed to solar energy far much outweigh the benefits.

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Those against the use of nuclear power argue that its use makes it easy for terrorists to find the way to commit international crimes. For example, Falk contemplated that "the effects of 9/11 attacks could have been disastrous if the bomb used in the has been flown into a nuclear plant" (305). Therefore, the opponents of nuclear sources of energy argue that the continual use of radioactive materials to produce nuclear energy is deadly to the human population and the environment.

However, the proper use of nuclear energy has numerous and significant security benefits. Quite often, when states go to war, they seek to use nuclear weapons for military purposes and uphold their interests by safeguarding their security. Moreover, under the Non-Proliferation Treaty, countries such as China, UK, France, Russia, and the USA have often assisted less powerful countries in accessing civilian nuclear power (Michaelides 165). This is done to quell other countries from seeking nuclear weapons and strengthen the security prone areas instead of encouraging the adoption of nuclear power.


To sum up, I have to reinstate my earlier assertion that nuclear energy is better than solar energy because it is a reliable source of energy production.

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