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Hometown Deli

Business Process Explanation

Hometown deli is an enterprise with a high customer influx. However, the former management traced its success on the particular human resource. Consequently, this implied that very minimal if any records of customers and other business partners existed. As a result, the contemporary business process involves the consolidation of the business clients and other major elements of customer relations that would help retain customer loyalty to the business via advanced recordkeeping processes. The business will, therefore, involve the adoption of a technological solution that would help organize data regarding the business clients among other key elements. This would involve the model of Customer Relation Management (Sue & Nigel, et al. 2000). In this regard, the latter model involves the use of technology in organizing, automating and subsequent synchronization of customer services, via technical support. In this regard, the new management at Deli enterprise must adopt a CRM software that would enhance customer service through improved customers record keeping while improving the overall performance of the business. Good customer records would enhance service at Deli and subsequently enhance the customers' retention capacity (Small Business Ontario, 1993).

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Proposed Technological Solution

This best option is using the Customer-centric Relationship Management using an unbounded memory technological solution. In this case, advanced record keeping of the customer data is achieved through the synchronization of the customers and business needs to provide the optimal framework of operation. In this case, the customers' specific features and needs are addressed through a record of specific traits. In this regard, this solution aims at providing highly customized attention to the customers as well as building proper future organizational-clients relationship. Besides that, the technology would ensure retention of old customers while building on a larger customer base (Alok & Ibrahim, 2010). Essentially, the deli has enjoyed good customer relationships in the past since 1952 upon its launch. Consequently, the customer-centric solution would not only provide a good opportunity to tap the customer base prior to the take over from my grandfather but also the building up of the conspicuously attractive brand image that would lure a significant number of clients into the business through improved recording and subsequent access to the records via the unbounded memory.


In particular, such technological advancement would ensure subscription billing and rewards as well as one-on-one customers' service which would further enhance the entire business performance after the takeover. Indeed, the customer-centric solution would also enhance the diffusion of information between the business and the customers regarding the specific needs of the customers (Techsmith, 1987). Finally, the solution would also provide room for rewards by creating a rewarding system for loyal customers thus boosting the retention process at Deli.

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List of Components

The CCRM involves the capacity to capturing maintaining and providing access to the records for both the customers and the business personnel. The technology solution would employ both outlook and icall software in its execution. In essence, the major components of this technology are the web-based record of the customers' data in spreadsheets as well as access to information regarding the organizational products and brand (Cox & Fardon, et al. 1998). Consequently, the adoption of this technology would ensure that proper customer data is preserved at the discretion of the business while at the same time providing sufficient information regarding the business products and related services at Deli. Through such interactive framework, the current management would be in a better position to analyze the customers' behavior which exists in the domain of the previous management only. Such framework would ensure high integrity; credibility and authenticity of the records as such can be accessed by the respective clients. This is in line with the attempts to improve brand loyalty and supremacy (Baltzan, 2014).

How will the Solution improve the Process?

This process will improve the data customer data recording in the sense that it will create a significant platform for the exploration of customer data with a view to analyzing individual and group tastes and preferences. In this regard, the solution does not only focus on customers' data but also the entire objectives of the business with respect to customer relations.

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Support for the Strategic Objective

The adoption of the CCRM technology solution will enhance the prospects of business operation. At the moment, the main challenge facing Deli is basically retention of the previous customer base while building on another. However, based on the essentials of success in business, adoption of CCRM would enhance the continuity of the business success since 1952. This would also help in maintaining the business outlook and build on the high business-customer relationship which is a major cause of business success both in the short-run and in the long-run.

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