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How to Take a Good Photograph

In our society, a large number of people believe that in order to get a high quality photograph, one must buy the newest camera model. However, this is not the case because in photography, what matters most is the technique and not equipment. Also, capturing good quality pictures is something that a person can do, using any model of camera. This can be achieved by doing adequate practice and learn to shun common mistakes.

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One must comprehend that the most vital factor that enables a person to take a good photograph is composition. Although the latest automatic cameras are capable of lighting and focusing for a person taking a photograph, one must be able to select a point to place his/her camera and also choose how to make up the picture. Therefore, a person taking a photo must take a few seconds to select an excellent composition.

In order to ensure a good composition, one must think about all lines in the picture and make them straight. This implies that one must ensure that horizons are horizontal, while sides of the buildings are vertical unless a person taking a photo is looking upwards. In addition, one must ensure that the available background objects will not mess up the composition. For instance, a person taking a photograph must try to avoid a tree branch or a traffic sign that appears to come out of an individual's head.


When taking a photograph featuring a person, one must make sure that an individual being captured is looking directly into the space, but not out of the shot. On the other hand, when a person is capturing a picture in a situation where the main object is not at the centre, he/she must look at the focus on the subject and then he/she must change the composition prior to clicking the camera. This will not only make the composition to appear good, but it will also make the subject very sharp. Moreover, when taking a photograph of a person, particularly when capturing full body shot, one must ensure that all parts of the body are captured before clicking the camera. For example, it would not be good to take a photo where bits of feet or head are out of shot.

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In conclusion, composition is the main element in taking a good photograph. This implies that the quality of photographs only depends on how a person taking photos does composition of his/her camera. In addition, one must be careful of the photograph background because it can also make a photo look good or bad.


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