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Essay about Samsung TV

Samsung televisions are a product of Samsung Electronics, a limited company that is a Samsung Group subsidiary, based in South Korea. By the time the 750 series was being produced, it could handle a higher level of multi-media devices, had the USB 2.0 and MPEG3. The 750 and 650 series had internal flash memory and an integrated woofer to enhance audio.

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Over the last five years, Samsung has been able to advance greatly in terms of the televisions it is producing. From LCD televisions, Samsung is now producing LED and plasma TVs which have many new features which have improved viewing greatly. These include Samsung series 6, 7, 8 and 9 "smart" TVs. First, the size has increased up to 85 inches. The resolution has increased tremendously to 4K. Also, users can now be able to give commands to the TV, thanks to the feature called natural language recognition. The speech-to-text feature enables viewers to change menus, volume and channels. Another improvement in the features is the ability to sense touch. Therefore, viewers can be able to rotate or zoom in whatever they are watching.

Latest version listed

The latest Samsung TVs are the "smart" TVs, the latest model being the S9 Ultra HD TV. It is LED back-lit, 85-inch and has a 4k-resolution. The TV has very intriguing features. These include the size, text-to-speech and multi-touch. It also has S-recommendation. This feature enables the TV to pick out programs that the user might be interested in and record them for later viewing.


Advantages of using Samsung TV

Television has numerous advantages. First of all, it is important in ensuring that users get important information on time, and thus are up to date. This is through watching news programs from various channels such as BBC or Sky News. Television also serves as a very good form of entertainment and relaxation, especially after a long day at work. One can watch movies or sports and get refreshed. Our knowledge can also be enhanced by watching channels such as the Discovery Channel. From the recipe channel, users can also improve their cooking by learning various recipes.

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Problems of not using Samsung TV

If people do not use the TVs, there might arise several problems. Firstly, there would be no flow of information about what is happening in the world. It would also be unfortunate if people are not entertained by watching programs and sports on television. This would lower their productivity both in the work places and in schools.

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