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Problems that Students Face at Home that Cause Non-Completion of College Education

Non-completion is one of the most serious problems for most tertiary students today. Certainly, any college or university should make an effort to maximize student success and reduce the incidence of student withdrawal. College students have various problems that work against their prospects of completion. Some of these problems emanate from home, in the workplace, or on campus. Colleges depend on the outcome on completing courses. There are widespread concerns about the high rates of non-completion among college students. In the U.S, for instance there are concerns that non-completion has increased because of the problems in the transition between secondary and tertiary institutions, with rates of non-completion around 30%. The problem has affected student for decades where the number of grandaunts has always been lower than the expected projection non-completion problems originating for home.

Challenges emanating from home can cause non-completion of college education by students. Non-completion of college education is a menace to college students, parents or guardians and the institutions themselves that an urgent solution is inevitable. This paper will discuss such problems faced by college students at home, on campus and at the workplace, and their impact on education. Besides, the paper will also provide possible solutions to these identified problems.

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The following are the problems from home that can cause non-completion among college students with their requisite institution-based solutions:

Self Concerns Associated with Meeting Personal Goals

When parents set goals that are too high for their children to achieve, it affects the possibility of achieving college completion. Students always feel compelled to do things that are not part of their career aspirations hence failing to get the motivation to perform better. In other cases, learners are forced to change modules in the middle of their studies and restart a new module (College Student Survey 112). This potentially affects their completion prospects especially if they have financial constraints from home. They lag behind their colleagues and face problems in completing the studies because they get insufficient support from parents.

Financial Insufficiency

So many college students keep deferring their semester studies due to financial insufficiency at home. Students from such backgrounds take longer than required to complete their college studies because they only register when they have the funds to do so. Unless students are registered under federal or state bursary programs, they stand to suffer the problems of late college completion (Johnson 55). Parents who have such problems are supposed to make their situation clear by registering their students to relevant financial help bodies that will see to it that they complete their college education in good time.

Cultural Problems from Home

Students face problems of cultural shock when they leave home to school environments that are different from their own. College life adjustment can be problematic, if not difficult, for such students. This cultural shock can affect the completion because it negatively affects their study habits, test taking, reading comprehension, and writing along with their communication skills. They could be having a background where students learn from visual and tactile demonstrations and practice (88). Lectures at college that explain ideas and skills without demonstrating the skills and allowing students to re-demonstrate may affect the ability of students to learn the material. Lecturers should be able to understand and assist such students. Otherwise, they will end up not completing college education in good time because of trying to catch up with others.


Self Concerns Arising from Emotional or Sexual Abuse

A student may go to college after experiencing emotional and sexual abuse at home. These problems can exacerbate when they come to college without a psychological remedy. This affects their self-esteem leading to under-performance on the part of students. When students have low self esteem arising from the abuse, they will get on well with others and actively engage in acquiring knowledge. Unless students report such problems, the administration may not find the right solutions for them. If students with this problem are identified, the personal tutors are not expected to act as professional counselors, psychiatrists or medical consultants.

Institution-based to home-based challenges that cause non-completion among students

Colleges can adopt the following measures to mitigate the non-completion menace caused by the problems above;

Offer Professional counselling

Support services by professional counselors and psychologist are supposed to be available for students. These support services will provide professional counseling services on virtually all aspects of student life. This is better suited in dealing with problems of emotional and sexual abuse than any tutor.

Career advisory services

Students joining a college should be invited to make reports about their career prospects before allowing them to register or make any module changes. At any stage of their studies, they should be encouraged to seek professional guidance that suits their abilities rather that working under pressure from their parents concerning the careers they have to choose (132).

Chaplaincy services

Chaplaincy services can help overcome this problem. Ecumenical chaplaincy support or all students can help them overcome cultural challenges that affect their studies. For this to work, students should be open about the cultural norms at home that affect their acclimatization to college life. Attitudes instilled through such practices will encourage staff tutors to be more accommodative when dealing with students experiencing cultural shock.

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Effective mentorship models

This problem needs a mentorship model that creates an environment that is conducive for learning, which also supports the learning needs of all learners regardless of ones ethnic, cultural or gender background. The model should adopt concepts of mentorship, faculty, and institutional support and academic support, providing support for academic development for students in need. Academic support can take the forms of tutoring and remedial support for students to eliminate these problems at home.

Challenges emanating from home can cause non-completion of college education by students. Colleges should have sufficient and effective support programs that can mitigate these problems. If the support programs are implemented, student success will be maximized and considerably reduce withdrawal incidences.

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