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Urban Legends (Major and Bray)

The US education is famous for its traditions and longevity. Most of the time, the process is associated with various methods of such education and different extra-curricular activities.

The beginning of the article is about the story of three hundred students who attend a biology class. The professor asked them to take their identification cards (ID) in order to hand in their final exam. However, one of the students forgot his ID. He knew that the professor would not accept his exam without it, therefore, the student asked him whether he knew student's name. After the student received the negative answer from the professor, he suddenly threw his exam paper into the big pile of answer sheets and run away. Such behavior gave him a chance to get his final exam grade, because the professor did not know who he was anyways.

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By introducing the aforementioned story, this article is about the contemporary characteristics of a college that is common to all; it is the concept of impersonal treatment of a big class. As class consists of many people, professors usually are not aware of everybody's name. Thus, this story tells us that for some colleges, students' excessive behavior can be tolerated. In some cases, these urban legends can help us understand college culture and provide another point of view for the readers: the way how the students feel about their school.

Urban legend is a unique aspect of higher education. Moreover, it is the most central of students' stories. Being about the recent everyday life of normal people, sometimes it is spread quite widely via email by students, who confirm such stories.

Considering a culture, as a conceptual frame, and looking at it in a way in which people make the meaning of experience has an overt purpose for those engaged in researching college experience. Campus-based urban legend is usually spread throughout study groups in classes: people get to know each other in a group and then spread the stories among each other.

There are two questions that lead this study. The first is about the essence of the urban legends in school, and the second is about the possibility of the possession of some kind of meaning in those urban legends. When answering the aforementioned questions, it is challenging to analyze the data from students' phones as it should be serious and rigorous. When facing those new rules in college, students either become confused or think that those rules are ridiculous, and the urban legends that are related to those rules are the most popular in college.

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Some freshmen students experience another problem in college that is caused by the new methods of education used by professors. These methods differ from the high school teaching to which the freshmen students are more used to. Moreover, the content is also quite different. The class at higher education level is arranged in some other way. Furthermore, its educational goals are also different compared to the high school's class.

There exists another problem regarding homework: it is very hard for many students to finish their homework with their study group. As a result, they get quite confused about this kind of work, because they did not see the value of teamwork before. At the same time, they also think that team work will erase their own values among their classmates. Campus-based legends provide a lot of information about higher education's school culture in America. At the same time, they are very important, nevertheless they still have positive or negative influence as they provide the experience of campus culture.

A great example to the aforementioned fact would be my roommate who has told me an urban legend, which he heard from his classmate. They had a big lecture with around a hundred students. In the middle of the semester, their professor requested a big writing assignment and set a strict deadline. However, the professor said that he needed the students to send him their assignments via email first and bring their hard copy to the next class on Monday as it would be easier for him to check it.

My roommate was told by a classmate that if he could not finish the assignment in time, he can just create an empty word document and name it to make it look like a really well-done assignment. Then he needed to change the format of the word document into another format that could not be opened on the computer and send it to the professor. After that, the professor will find out that the format is incorrect, but will think that it is something wrong with the computer or the e-mail system. Thus, the student wins time to write the assignment until the other Monday. Although it is a negative urban legend, I can get a lot of information about our school's culture, such as how students work against school's rules. It is very interesting to study this information.

The first that is needed to be done is to check whether the urban legend is real. It is important for later study, so if we do not do that, we may fail to get an accurate result. As the university students, we should have the ability to check if the urban legend that we heard about from our friends is real or not. In such a way we become more educated and, thus, have a better ability to tell whether the story is true or not. We need to connect our own experiences to check those urban legends.

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I consider urban legends as a positive way of spreading information, which can help us to get more sense of a school. It also has an essential value to conduct a study on such a topic. Those urban legends are about some particular schools. We can better understand how they work and run. For example, some rules, teaching methods, and evaluation, which are essential as for the culture of a university. At the same time, in my opinion, urban legend is compared to a mouth to mouth story. However, there are some subjective opinions, so we cannot depend only on urban legends. In other words, we need to distinguish which of them are useful and try to understand them.

The urban legends that were created on campus sites provide students and other connected to the educational process with information regarding rituals and customs that are associated with American higher education systems and general educational methods. Moreover, it provides quite useful introduction to newcomers into such a specific academic culture of particular schools. Such legends also serve as an artistic expression of such higher education system.

The urban legends play the role of particular symbols in the culture. They delineate the vivid images of student academic experience and life on-campus. I consider them inseparable, thus, their significance should be taken into consideration. Thus, Major and Bray with their article provide a sufficient background of the meaning and usefulness of urban legends that should not be underestimated as they play the role of progress motivators for educational American system and general culture.

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