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Expository Essay Topics: Great Ideas to Consider


The word "expository" is derived from "exposition" which means "explanation," so an expository essay is a piece of writing aimed at explaining some topic to the target readers. Expository essays are a common assignment at exams and tests, like SAT. Sometimes, students get them as home assignments.

This type of essays includes both description and analysis. Although the author of an expository essay might put forward an argument and describe his/her points of view, it is different from a reflection because the argumentation and the amount of research are more complex. However, it is also different from research papers because expository essays do not require such a depth of research. In contrast, an essay should describe a topic and use some examples for better explanation. While writing an expository essay at home, you have to include a list of references; however, in case it is written during a standardized test, the examples will be based solely on your personal experience.



How to Select a Good Expository Topic

Even if you are free to choose the topic you like, be prepared to do some research on it. Simply making a claim (argument) is not enough. You also have to include extensive evidential support if you want your paper to be persuasive. In fact, students admit that most of the work on this type of academic writing is to be completed before the writing itself begins. Therefore, think yourself lucky if your topic is from the area of your interest because this means that the preparations will not be a burden for you. On the other hand, if you have to explain something you are not familiar with and not interested in, you might become bored while doing the research. The good thing is that once this work is done, the writing will be (almost) a piece of cake. In addition, learning something new is always rewarding.

Sometimes students are prone to avoiding controversial issues or essay prompts they do not agree with. You should not shy away from such topics because they can help you build a strong argumentation. If you are not in full agreement with the subject you will be describing, you will be intuitively looking for reliable evidence and good support. In addition, you will have a chance to broaden your horizons.

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Most Common Expository Writing Prompts for 6th Grade Students


  1. A role model is someone who inspires you and encourages you to become better. Is there anyone you look up to? What do you like about this person? Describe this person and explain why you would like to be like him/her.
  2. There is a growing trend among high-school students to spray-paint graffiti on school premises. Although some people call it art, school management usually regards it as vandalism. They are trying to find some preventive measures. Think about effective solutions. What should school authorities do to solve the issue?
  3. When thinking about joining a school sports team, there are many advantages and disadvantages to take into consideration. List and explain the pros and cons of being a school sports team member. Explain your points of view.
  4. Now, that you are a 6th grader, do you feel older? Do you think you have become more experienced? Are you a middle-school student? Have your views on schoolwork been influenced by the transition? Describe the rationale behind your answers.
  5. What is the role of honesty in the relationship between people? How much is it important to be honest with your friends? Explain your answers drawing on the examples from your personal experience.
  6. The issue of dress code is controversial. Some people think you have to dress properly to look like a professional, while some think dress codes limit personal liberties and perpetuate prejudices. What is your position? What do you think of the phrase "dress for success"? Does the rule apply to 6th-grade students?
  7. Imagine you were given one chance of time travel (either back in time or to the future). You can give a piece of advice to one person regardless of their geographical location or time of living. Who would this person be? What kind of advice would you give them? Why?

Expository Essay Topics for the 8th Grade Students


  1. How do you support a friend with suicidal thoughts?
  2. Give three good pieces of advice to someone who wants to visit a national song contest.
  3. How do you prove your loyalty to a friend?
  4. Why should people play soccer?
  5. Why do students procrastinate and how to stop them?
  6. Create a detailed best-summer-holiday plan for a company of two friends.
  7. You are about to join a cheerleading team. What is your preparation plan?
  8. How does a coffee house help run away from school?
  9. How do you save yourself from bad mood?
  10. What techniques can help you prepare to an exam you hate?

While some topics are more suitable for a particular age group or occasion (test, the English language exam, etc.), there are universal topics that can be adapted to any writing assignment. Choose topics from the following list if the requirements are not precise or stringent.

Diverse Expository Essay Topics for Any Occasion


  1. Why do employees have to be tolerant towards each other?
  2. How do you prevent youngsters from taking drugs?
  3. What non-material things guarantee a happy life?
  4. Can music be used as a treatment from mental disorders?
  5. Why is getting a driving license considered an important event in a person's life?
  6. What are the responsibilities of every driver in the world?
  7. Why do students love some tutors more than others?
  8. Why does a place of upbringing influence a person"s character?
  9. Why have people become heavily materialistic?
  10. Why do young people prefer careers in the sphere of Information technologies?

Universal Expository Essay Topics


  1. Uniforms should be canceled because they impose limits on personal freedom.
  2. Who do you think is responsible for the ongoing terroristic attacks in Europe and African countries?
  3. Describe the romantic storyline in Sherlock Holmes.
  4. Discuss the basics of modernism: from its origins and founding fathers (or mothers) to the impact on the world community.
  5. Discuss the inspiration and influence of Joanne Rowling, the author of Harry Potter.
  6. High pregnancy rates among American youth: is it good or bad and who"s responsible?
  7. Discuss the most prominent president in the US history.
  8. Harmful habits of the high-school students of the 21st century and the possible consequences.
  9. Space exploration: pros and cons.
  10. Should people continue looking for habitable planets?
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Topics for High School Assignments


  1. How should students cope with most common high-school challenges?
  2. Can you solve Math problems easily?
  3. An effective policy to stop bullying at schools.
  4. The most inspiring character created by Marvel.
  5. How do you look gorgeous during the prom night?
  6. Hate crimes in high school - who is responsible and what should they do to stop the crimes?
  7. How do you think - is there the necessity for teachers to wear uniforms, if students are obliged to do it?
  8. Are all school subjects equally important to become a skillful specialist in future?
  9. What character traits are common for all high-school students in the country?
  10. Why are precise sciences important?

Ideas for College Students


  1. Living in destitution: causes, consequences, and possible solutions.
  2. Why do American citizens suffer from the highest level of obesity in the world?
  3. Stanford prison experiment and the controversy around it. Were the findings significant?
  4. An effective policy for the integration of children with disabilities.
  5. Does high IQ mean you are smart?
  6. What is the future of remote education? Will traditional education become extinct in the nearest future?
  7. Why have people become internet addicted?
  8. What are the reasons behind Apple popularity?
  9. What things should you keep in mind when using mobile apps to create music?
  10. Is global warming dangerous?
  11. Why do so many people these days become vegetarian? What will be the consequences?
  12. What were the best years of your life and what makes them special?
  13. Would your life change if you were immortal?
  14. If you were a writer, what would your next book be about? Why?
  15. Does hard rock lead to violence?
  16. How do you save yourself from poverty?
  17. What will be the humanity"s next great invention?
  18. Will the life in 100 years change?
  19. Can you combine studying and job effectively?
  20. Why is it important to express emotions?
  21. Why does the society like skinny people more?
  22. What is the reason for aggression in school? Are there ways to stop it?
  23. Discuss the consequences of having sex without condoms.
  24. Explain why you (do not) believe in life after death.

Sophisticated Expository Essays Writing Prompts


  1. Describe some useful activities for students to spend their free time.
  2. Engaging activities for active youngsters.
  3. What are the benefits of procrastination?
  4. Can video games be useful? What can you learn from them?
  5. How to organize your space to study effectively?
  6. Discuss some important issue which seems to be ignored by the media.
  7. Why is consumerism harmful and how to consume less?
  8. What is the role of social media in people"s life? What are the dangers?
  9. Why does time fly slower when you are in a bad mood?
  10. Does your memory deteriorate when you do not get enough sleep?
  11. Create and explain a new religion.
  12. Why can people not combat racial discrimination?
  13. Does the problem of overpopulation really exist? If it does, what can we do about it?
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Easy Topics for an Expository Essay


  1. Which three qualities of a leader are the most important?
  2. Imagine your soul would reincarnate in animal form. Which animal would it be and why?
  3. If you could build a house in any place of the world, where would it be?
  4. Which part of the school building would you redesign/remove and why?
  5. Have you decided what you want to become in the future? Explain your choice.
  6. Why do students need a gap year?
  7. The benefits of being an expert essay writer.
  8. Why are family ties important and how do you make them stronger?
  9. Describe your most and least favorite music bands and explain your choices.
  10. The science has made people"s life expectancy longer. Is this the reason for overpopulation?
  11. How do you become an effective leader?
  12. Design three effective strategies to solve conflicts in a family.
  13. What are the advantages of regular physical trainings?
  14. What can one person do to save the planet?
  15. Does the current educational system have to be improved?
  16. Describe the major changes in communication over the last five years.

Additional topics are in the list of the past achievements, you can look them through if you wish. Alternatively, our writers can design a unique topic for you. Contact any time and make the first step towards your perfect expository essay!

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