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Our Affiliate Program

Our enterprise specializing in custom and academic writing is the recognized leader in the industry of sophisticated writing services. We have worked out our novel affiliate program our customers who are planning to have some extra earnings with our practical assistance. We consider that our novel affiliate program is an apparent proof of our full devotion to our committed customers. Since our database of customers is constantly increasing, we are eager to introduce specific rewards to our customers who have been utilizing our either custom or academic writing services. Our novel affiliate program is supposed to encourage our customers to earn some money with us. Currently our clients can easily make some money whenever they are utilizing our sophisticated services. We would like to pay special attention to the fact that we have been improving our services, taking into consideration only the best possibilities for our customers. Our clients should end up spending their own money on our profound services. We do know that our customers would not mind making extra earnings with us this very minute and apply this money for improving their financial situation in future!

If you are thinking of beginning our long-term partnership with, take into consideration that we always provide our customers with whatever custom or academic services they can need, as well as give them splendid opportunities to share excellent information about our novel services with their family members and close friends to promote all our exclusive and exceptional services and earn some money that they will be free to spend on their urgent writing needs. Fascinating!

What Are Our Offers?

  • We guarantee each client a 10% bonus from every of the orders that his / her relative or friend will buy on our site!
  • Each new customer invited to employ our online academic writing services will be guaranteed a 17% discount on his / her first order!

Working Process!

  • Log in to a personal account and access the section “Our affiliate program”.
  • Then he / she should refer to the section - "Our Affiliate Program".
  • There are an original promo code, an email sending form, and an affiliate link. The last one can be employed to share it with potential clients.
  • The link should be copied and shared with potential clients.
  • Each potential client who will apply that code or link will be included into the database of our customers.
  • Every client will be redirected by our software towards our order page after she / he clicks on the link sent or employ the promo code.
  • His or her discount will be employed automatically, and this very way he / she will be capable of applying his or her discount on the first order of his / hers.

*Fill out email of your close friend in the field - "My friend's email." Then an affiliate link will be attached automatically towards the email provided and a short explanation of all details will be sent.

Our Unique Affiliate Program and Its Advantages

The leading principle of our novel affiliate program is that our customer will get special bonuses whenever they recommend our agency to other people once those people have placed their first orders on our site. All these bonuses will be automatically saved on the accounts of our customers. They can use these bonuses to pay for their future orders. The payment can be made in parts in case there are not enough costs on the account.

All money and bonuses earned do belong to our customers only. They can be withdrawn with ease by means of Wire Transfer / PayPal.

Do not lose you time now and commence earning extra this very minute.

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