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If you are a college or university student and you have the task to write a persuasive essay, you will certainly want to do it effectively. You will need to choose a topic, define your perspective or opinion on it, gather enough evidence, and use it to persuade your audience. Overall, an effective persuasive essay is that in which you convince your readers to support your position. However, even if you are an excellent communicator and a person who has rich experience persuading others, you may find it challenging to craft a convincing academic paper. To begin with, your essay will not be effective if you fail to choose an exclusive and impressive topic. This topic must be interesting and familiar to your readers. The next step will be gathering facts to support your position. You will need to prioritize them by relative importance and build your arguments on them. If you are still in doubts, authors at will give their helping hand to you. Just give us a try and we will find the best writer for you!


Persuasive Essay Writing Assistance is a unique essay writing company in a sense that only the most skilled and experienced writers have a chance to join our team. We believe that the professionalism and commitment of our writers are the key factors behind our success. Many students find the task of persuasive essay writing to be overwhelming. At times, they simply have no time to gather effective evidence. At other times, they start to brainstorm their persuasive essay ideas just hours before the paper is due. We have gathered some of the most outstanding and educated writers to discuss the most pertinent issues and develop a strong argument. This is the starting point in your journey. You can look down at some of the most effective persuasive essay topics and choose what you feel best reflects your position and passions.

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Whatever topic you decide to choose for your paper, you will have to provide enough factual evidence. This evidence must be persuasive enough so that your readers have little room for doubts or questions. You will also need to design your essay in a manner that impresses your readers. You can choose any topic in the list below and feel free to develop a powerful argument, taking into account your own perspective and that of your target audience:

  • Tougher gun laws will reduce the scope of violence in the American society.
  • Illegal immigrants should not be allowed to use welfare opportunities in the U.S.
  • Racial profiling is one of the best measured adopted by law enforcement agencies against terrorism.
  • Women and men will never have equal rights.
  • Divorce can have positive effects on children and their emotional development.
  • All sex offenders must undergo chemical castration.
  • The government must assume full responsibility for managing the healthcare system.
  • The government must impose severe limitations on a number of money celebrities receive for their activities.
  • The government should outlaw lotteries because they cause addiction.
  • Schools must create a list of bullies, similar to the list of registered sex offenders.
  • Teachers must accept more responsibility for the learning achievements of their students.

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