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While writing a process analysis essay you will need to analyze a certain process by breaking it down in two ways - you can instruct your audience to do something, like follow a recipe, or explain the process of how something happens or occurs, as in making rain. Understandably, both of these methods for writing a process analysis essay will describe steps in a chronological order. Yet, they will both have very different purposes. In the case of the recipe, the audience, after following the instructions should be able to make the recipe successfully, and in the case of rain, the audience will become informed about the process in which rain is made, but won't be capable of making rain themselves. Very different results but both are an explanation of a process nevertheless. Intrigued? So, check our process analysis essay writing guideline in a clear and organized manner.


How to Write Process Analysis Essays - Before We Start

Our essay writers have prepared a list of practical tips, as well as important hints that you can use in order to complete your process analysis essay. If you have never completed any process analysis essay and do not know how to write it, then the information provided below is of great importance to you. If you follow each of our practical pieces of advice, you will be able to prepare an outstanding piece of writing.

What Is a Process Analysis Essay?

A process analysis essay is one of the essays that is supposed to be completed sticking to several essential steps in explaining how a certain process comes to its result. You should keep to a certain sequential order in your essay so that your future readers can easily understand the whole process in detail and step by step. In order to prepare a decent assignment, you should fully comprehend all the aspects of the described process to properly and clearly explain every step and how each of these steps relates to one another and leads to the final result. Your essay should be well versed and structured, as well as provide concise and clear instructions that your future readers will be able to grasp and follow them.

There exist two potential outcomes to your essay, the first outcome is aimed at directing the readers by enabling them to follow all the instructions step by step, and the second one implies explaining the very process and make an analysis how it happens or functions. Both mentioned outcomes are aimed at relaying the information in the very end.

Process Analysis Essay Writing Process

Now, we can discuss the chronological order for the most effective process analysis essay writing.

Firstly, Choose an Interesting Topic

As it is the case with all other types of essays, the first and most important step is to choose the type of the future process that you wish to dwell and conduct research on. You should find out all the necessary information about the whole process, as well as clearly comprehend it so as to convey it to your future readers by means of your essay. You can also ponder on whether you would like to describe the whole process or just make emphasis on one of its parts. It usually happens that some processes are very lengthy and may require a pretty long paper to describe them in detail. In such a case you can make up your mind to focus on a certain part or step of the process or just categorize all the processes that comprise the whole one in an understandable way to your readers.

You should fully understand how the process under study flows and every of its step functions. If you do this accordingly, then your readers will be able to understand the process very well. Avoid overloading your essay with a great number of terms, as not all readers are good at understanding technical language.

List of the best process analysis essay ideas can be found on this page.

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Break down the Chosen Process into Several Stages

Once you have spent some time on understanding the whole process, then you should break up the whole process into simple to comprehend steps. By doing this, you will be able to efficiently guide your readers through the whole process and keep their interest in the chosen subject. This may be one of the reasons why some authors may consider not fully explaining a very lengthy and complicated process but rather make emphasis on the most significant areas or parts. The description of a very lengthy and difficult process may easily confuse the readers or makes them lose their interest in the process under study.

Know Future Readers of Yours

It is of great significance that you are fully aware of the type of your readers who will read your essay. For example, if your readers were experts in a certain field, they would be knowledgeable about and appreciate the utilization of different technical terms. If your readers are not majoring in your field of study, then you should use simple words together with descriptive charts, diagrams, images or tables to assist them in comprehending how the process under study takes place.

It is also essential to know or find out what your future readers are going to do with your essay. For example, a descriptive essay accompanying novel software is supposed to familiarize users with all the peculiar features of its setting and functioning. A process analysis essay for IT specialists will be a bit different; comprising technical terms that they are already to be familiar with, leading them into all the processes, they must follow to complete a repair job.

The use of technical terms and kind of language will depend on the future readers. If future readers are meant to use the process information provided to perform certain tasks or manipulations, then the second person such as "you" should be employed. For example, You may start the process of installation by pressing the button "Start."

Follow the Proper Structure

Start with the Introduction of the Essay

The introduction is aimed at giving some basic pieces of information on the whole process, as well as convey what your readers should learn by the very time they end with your essay. For example, "You should be able to install plagiarism searching software without any assistance by the end of this paper."

Make an Arrangement of the Main Body

The main body of the essay should provide a chronological order of the chosen process. It should present a clear guide so that the readers can understand each step how to complete the whole process. If you arrange all the needed information in the correct order, your readers will get confused and definitely make some mistakes.

Finish with the Conclusion Chapter

The conclusion part should provide a short overview of the whole process. Avoid bringing in novel steps to be focused on at the end. Just try finishing by detailing how the result could appear for your readers to know that they have been successful in keeping to your instructions. If you have provided only a description of a certain part of the process in your essay, you should give pieces of advice to your readers to move on to the next part or step if they have managed to successfully complete the process that has already been described.

Have a look at process analysis essay examples:


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Practical Tips on how to Write Process Analysis Essays

  1. Concise and Clear Language. Use only concise and clear language. Keep in mind that your readers would be able very well at performing all the tasks as you have managed to put all of them down, so try keeping it short on the one hand but precise on the other hand.
  2. Future Readers. Consider that not all of your future readers could be of the same technical proficient as that of yours, so find out or try to predict what level of knowledge your future readers could or will be.
  3. Visual Help. If you describe the process to unprofessional readers, then you should apply for visual aids, such as tables, images, charts, diagrams, etc. to help them understand better. Some of the visual aids can be of great assistance and use to the experts in the field as well.
  4. Provide Comments. Try inserting such comments as "wait until," "then", and "after that" to clearly indicate when your readers may proceed to the next step. You should not be too detailed or descriptive, but the use of such terms can assist your readers to know what they should finish before going forward.
  5. Chronological and Detailed Order. Describe the chosen process in a chronological and detailed order. Avoid going backward, as well as referring your readers to other parts of your essay while the process under study is in the flow.
  6. Test Run of the Provided Instructions. When your essay is ready, always try doing a test-run of all the instructions provided in it. You may ask your close friend or group-mate who has the same level of knowledge as your future readers to test your instructions. Consider all questions or remarks that your friend makes in order to correct or them in your essay. If necessary, make a revision of the whole essay.
  7. Future Audience. If your essay is calculated on for a diverse audience with different levels of knowledge in the field, you should provide definitions of some complicated terms to avoid misunderstandings and confusions.
  8. Headings and Sub-headings. If you consider that it is necessary, try use headings and sub-headings in your essay to make the explanation of the process under study to easily flow.

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