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Additional Services has many additional services for our dear customers.

Progressive Delivery

On our company website, customers can choose a progressive delivery service created for the purpose of more efficacious coordination of long complicated papers, i.e. papers consisting of 20+ or 10+ pages in double-spaced and single-spaced orders respectively.

Advantages of Progressive Delivery:

  • Customers will receive draft/parts* of the paper prior to the deadline, which ensures close coordination of the writing process.
  • Customers are allowed to request a free revision 30 days after the deadline, which is 28 days more than for a free revision of a regular paper.
  • Papers with progressive delivery are assigned exclusively to the top writers and editors in the company.
  • Such papers also have a personal manager who will be monitoring the progress.

Drafts Delivery Plan*:

  • If the order urgency is 4 days and less: one draft in the size of 25% of the paper will be sent to the customer after half of the deadline has passed. For example, for a 20-page order with 4-day urgency, a customer will get a 5-page draft in two days.
  • If the order urgency is 5-11 days: the first draft will be sent after 25% of the deadline has passed and the second draft will be sent after 50% of the deadline has passed. The size of the draft will be 25% and 50% of the paper size respectively.
  • If the order urgency is 12 days or more: the customer will get three drafts in the size of 25%, 50%, and 75% of the final paper within 25%, 50%, and 75% of the deadline respectively.

The service costs 15% of the order price.

*The customers who might need a different delivery plan can contact the order manager and discuss the delivery details to arrange an individual schedule.

Additional Services for Short Orders

One-Page Summary of Your Paper

This additional service is for customers who need the main ideas of their papers succinctly summarized in one page. One page is equal to 300 words if the order is double-spaced and 600 words if the order is single-spaced.

Draft of Your Paper

This service allows the customer to receive a one-page draft of their order when 50% of the final deadline is left. For example, for an order with 2-day urgency, the customer will receive the draft within the first 24 hours after the order placement.

Extended Revision

A free revision deadline for ordinary papers is 2 days. Extended revision service enables customers to prolong this deadline to two weeks (14 days)!

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