When students seek to buy a paper online, they should beware of unscrupulous writing services that are interested only in their money. Not all custom writing services are alike. Any student can buy essay papers online. However, far too many learners are lulled into buying papers from second-rate services. These students end up sorely regretting their purchases.

"Essay mills", those online writing services that offer prewritten papers, are some of the worst. They regenerate the same stolen paper over and again, convincing each student who pays an exorbitant price for it that he/she is getting original work when the same paper is sold to literally hundreds of other students. Handing in one of these plagiarized papers can result in the student's expulsion from the university altogether! takes special measures to make sure this never happens to any paper that students buy from our online writing service.

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The papers sold by our competitors are often very poorly written and contain plagiarism, no citations, and many spelling and grammar errors. Most of these writing services are located in third-world countries and cannot be prosecuted because they simply disappear from the Internet and resurface later under some other name. This simply will not happen to papers purchased from We give each customer written guarantees of high quality, timely delivery, and customer satisfaction. is a legitimate paper writing service where students can buy a paper online that is excellently written, fully guaranteed and that will bring in a high grade. All of our writers are native English speakers who have graduate degrees and many years of experience. Other writing companies will hire virtually anyone to work for them. They do not test their writers for competency and skill levels as does, and they do not care about their writers' English language skills.

We test our writers extensively for their knowledge, writing skills, and abilities to work with our customers to truly deliver products that the customers want. They must possess the skills to customize every paper to sound as though the customer wrote it. Other writing companies could not care less about details such as these. As long as they get their money, that is all they are concerned about., on the other hand, takes a special interest in each customer who comes to us for assistance. Each case is examined individually, and the appropriate steps are taken to assure the very best possible essay that money can buy. At, we really care about our customers!

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Other companies also sell their customer's personal and financial information to third-party marketing companies. At, that certainly does not happen. We guarantee full confidentiality with every purchase. We do not sell our customer's private information to anyone ever!

Here is a comparison between and other online writing services:

300writers.comThe Competition
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We fully guarantee the quality of all our products No guarantees
Professional, English speaking writers speaking writers Uneducated, non-native English
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24/7/365 customer service Non-responsive customer service
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